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  1. Among such thinkers can be called serving figures:

    – Cicero (ancient Roman politician) “Justice without wisdom means much, wisdom without justice means nothing”

    – Confucius (ancient thinker and philosopher of China) ” Good must be met with good. Evil must be met with justice.”

    – Aristotle (ancient Greek philosopher) “Justice is a perfect virtue”

    – George Carlin (American comedian) “There is no justice in this world. Accept it”

    – Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor and philosopher) “The unjust, making himself evil, does evil to himself”

    – Jean Jacques Rousseau (French philosopher) “Be just and be happy”

    – Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin (Russian philosopher) ” Justice does not require equality at all. It requires subject-based inequality.”

    – Blaise Pascal (French mathematician) “Justice without power is helpless, power without justice is tyrannical”

    – Adam Smith (Scottish economist and philosopher) “To teach people to love justice, we must show them the results of injustice…”

    – Plato (Ancient Greek philosopher) “The state is an expression of ideas of justice”

    – Ludwig Berne (writer, essayist and literary critic) “Justice is as necessary a product as bread”

    – Socrates (ancient Greek philosopher) “The only thing that every honest person should be guided by in his actions is whether what he does is just or unjust, and whether it is an act of a good or evil person.”

    – Lin Yutang (Chinese philosopher) “In a country with a lot of police officers, there is no freedom. Where there are many soldiers, there is no peace. Where there are many lawyers, there is no justice.”

    – Charles Louis Montesquieu (French writer, jurist, philosopher) ” An injustice committed against one person is a threat to all.”

    And all these statements are just wonderful!

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