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  1. Obviously, since none of them will win, they will decide to join forces, get married, and give birth to many,many small impenetrable shields and all-piercing spears.

  2. A variant of the answer that goes back to legal and theological thinking.

    Consider an impenetrable shield as a sign, i.e. it would be more correct to write “impenetrable shield” in quotation marks. “Impenetrable shield” is not equal to a truly impenetrable shield, it is all just a name for a certain referent, and maybe it does not have a referent at all. Depending on what is hidden under this sign (and this can only be found out by an interested interpretation), we can deduce basically anything.

    Bureaucrats also use a similar technique when they write that some concept of X should be understood this way, and not otherwise, with a bunch of references to legislation.

  3. If it is in Russia, then one hundred percent of gasoline will rise in price. 😉 If you ask why? I can answer like this. Because we always have some bullshit going on, and then gasoline always gets more expensive (joke ladies and gentlemen).

  4. In the All star Superman comic, an identical question was asked about the collision of an all-destructive force and an indestructible body. The answer there was “they will both submit to the will of fate” and oddly enough, the answer was accepted. Well, if you think more practically, then these are two mutually exclusive concepts,a paradox after all.Perhaps the spear will deform the shield, leaving a dent,perhaps their collision will lead to a kind of imbalance and the destruction of both weapons.

  5. I will say from experience: It will slip, scratching the shield with a hot tip.

    If the shield is iron, it will also knock out a spark.

    Sometimes, without any pompous words, it is enough to take two equally strong, interesting subjects and learn everything by experience))

  6. They cannot meet within the same reality, since the existence of one excludes the existence of the other. Both of the objects discussed are possible only in theory or in the form of an idea, since it is impossible to say that the Shield is impenetrable just because it has never been penetrated yet. Just as you can't say that a Spear will break through any shield just because it has hit all shields so far.

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