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  1. My friend, they go to hell not for the slightest sin, but for a proud unwillingness to repent before God. Pride drags people to hell. Read the new testament of the Bible. The Teaching of Christ.

  2. Well, then we'll get there.

    You know, I am against terrorism in any of its manifestations.

    And religion is essentially terrorism.

    do as you're told, or you'll suffer.”

    This option is not suitable for me. I won't be afraid all my life and dance to someone else's tune.
    I'll burn – well, I'll burn, that was my decision.

  3. Very unlikely. In this case, according to the logic of the creator of Hell, almost every person born will go there, because even a sincere believer commits some sin every day. There is no sense and logic in this, does a person need such cruel rules?

  4. Falling away from Orthodoxy (Catholicism) is the first step leading down. The second stage is Protestantism (falling away from the church, because there are already something like clubs for interests). Third stage – mysticism and rationalism ( falling away from Christ), 4th-atheism ( falling away from religiosity), 5th-immoralism (falling away from all duty) (Today) There is only a falling away from life (of all people on Earth )

    You can choose any worldview that was dominant in its time, but has survived to this day

  5. First, not every religion falls under the concept of heaven and hell. In some religions, such as Buddhism and Judaism, the essence and structure are slightly different. �

    Secondly, if Hell is still there, but there is no guarantee that it will be a conscious process, which we will feel the same way as we feel the world now with the help of the five senses.

    Third, I would advise you to focus on such an interesting and tricky concept that we have what we deserve by hook or crook; accordingly, it is quite possible that you are already in hell and in heaven. �

    Fourth, of course, you can always go to make amends for your sins and fall back on your faith: after all, God has not closed his gates or turned his back on anyone.

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