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  1. As an answer to this question (from the point of view of philosophy), I will give part of the definition from the Latest philosophical dictionary:

    Question – a type of judgment that assumes a lack of information about the corresponding object and requires an answer or explanation.

    The latest philosophical dictionary

    Minsk-1999 Scientific publication

    Chief Scientific editor and compiler-A. A. GRITSANOV

  2. Conventionally, communication between people can be divided into several types::

    1. Reasoning, description, or narration. In this form, new information is reported or already known information is clarified. For example: Winter is coming!

    2. Motivation for action. Here everything is clear: Close the window (I'm blowing)!

    3. Question. A fusion of the first two points. This encourages the other person to provide us with new information. For example: Why am I cold?

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