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  1. According to Spinoza, an infinite being in every sense ( substance, God) must have an infinite number of attributes (the essential attributes of an object that make up its essence), but of this infinite number we know only two,extension and thinking.They are what make up our dimension.
    Extension and thinking are independent , but they also agree with each other .According to Spinoza's system: “Mind and body are one and the same object, understood now from the side of the attribute of thinking, now from the side of the attribute of extension.” “The order and connection of ideas is the same as the order and connection of things.” It is interesting that based on this, each of the infinite modifications of Nature, as an attribute of extension, has a similar modification of the attribute of thinking (idea), that is, the chair has a soul, like a person, the difference is only in the degrees of perfection of the mode of thinking.The attribute of thinking is the nature of the creator in relation to the created ( emotions, colors, sounds, mind), that is, it is the cause and nature of all consciousness.Attributes agree with one necessary logical law, so the mode of one attribute corresponds to the mode of another.

    The human body corresponds to the soul,. The body is an object of the soul (thinking), but since the attributes are independent and do not affect each other, the soul does not affect the body, but it can only recognize changes in the extended mode when this mode changes its state (just as the body changes in accordance with the soul).Therefore, the soul “knows” because of the corresponding changes in the body.This means that our knowledge of other bodies is possible only through the sensations of our body.

    And so, I will try to form concepts.

    Thinking is one of the infinite attributes of substance, consistent with the necessary logical law, like other attributes. Individual souls (ideas) – modes of thinking.

    The definition of extension is similar, but states of extension are finite bodies.Extension through the mode of infinite motion and rest ( form?) forms all the physical characteristics of the body. Like this…

    In general, Spinoza's philosophy is quite difficult to read and, quite, to understand, with its eternal references to past definitions, scholia, and corollaries. So I can't claim to have a correct interpretation, at least that's how I understand it.

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