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  1. “I think, so I exist” is the famous statement of Rene Descartes, a fundamental statement of one of the directions of philosophy – rationalism. Our thoughts and consciousness determine our being, and therefore our life.

  2. From the point of view of modern science and philosophy, which are adherents of the ideas of a materialistic world order, life is the existence of higher forms of matter or, as they express it, the same protein bodies.

    In accordance with their judgments, life arises when material education takes on the form that corresponds to life and thereby generates it. Let's put it this way: if it (this form) has arisen, then immediately <and> life arises. From which it follows: the corporeal is primary, and life is secondary.

    A completely different approach to understanding the essence of life is offered by representatives of idealism (in science and philosophy). Yes, of course, they agree with the materialists that life requires (corresponding to life) a material (bodily) organization. But it is not the main one, it is not the < immediate > source of life (in a living being), or, as the philosopher John of Damascus puts it, “human flesh is not by its own nature life-giving.” The main and defining thing is the soul of a person (or the soul of a living being). That is precisely what life is, which extends to the human body as well: “the soul is, as it were, the beginning of living beings “(Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher), and as the ancient philosopher Proclus says, ” the soul is both living things and life itself.”

    So, when the soul comes into contact with the corporeal form, it gives life to this corporeal or, simply put, to the body, “whatever the soul possesses, it always brings life to everything…” (Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher), or “in the human body,” corruption is driven away by the touch of life ” (John of Damascus, the theologian and philosopher).

    At the same time, these philosophers point out that every human soul is not both being and life in itself (i.e., absolutely). For its existence, like the life of each, comes from one (universal) source of life and being. As the ancient philosopher Plotinus argues for this <philosophical > position, “there must be a giver of life”, and he (is) “outside of existence and completely on the other side of corporeal nature”. And, more precisely, “all lives come from a single beginning… then it is necessary that this [higher] beginning be the first and perfect life.”

    For all that, they (these philosophers) are indisputably monists. This is a very strong position in science and philosophy. It consists in the fact that each individual soul is in its foundation an exact likeness of the one supreme (world soul, world spirit…), since it originates from it. In a word, for every soul there must be, as they put it, a “giver of the soul”, and if that is considered in the aspect of life, then also a “giver of life”. And again, it must be something one and universal, i.e., not only that which is in us, but also that which is outside of us.

  3. LIFE is a SERVICE TO EVOLUTION. Perhaps someone will find it easier to say that life is evolution, but We deliberately affirm the word SERVICE. Of course, everything is in the process of evolution, but this will not yet be the fullness of life. It will come only from the awareness of Service in all its voluntary nature.

    © “Agni Yoga. Aboveground ” § 305

    All forms, depending on the degree of consciousness, serve evolution in one way or another, but man is called by virtue of his intelligence (which separates man from other forms of life manifestation) to serve evolution consciously, either in the camp of destruction or creation.

  4. I'll answer you harshly!! There are wolves and sheep .this ode is a food chain where everyone devours each other that there are animals in nature, that we humans kill all living things and eat .we kill each other we destroy so laid down on our land.we understand that this should not be the case in principle!!! But it is and always will be!! Cruelty is embedded in life from the beginning .we are fighting primarily for a piece of bread !!to feed ourselves, this is the main thing, we wake up in the morning and think about how and where to get this piece to bring to the family!! In a word, all life is ahota .and everything else is secondary. We are like robots all programmed to run to work in the morning so as not to be late! After work, we run home so as not to be late .step vl'ev step in the right rasrel !! And there the prefect is not far off.diseases, death to each his own that's one word life

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