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  1. Well, then the epigraph:�

    “I'll get up early in the morning-oh Heidegger ..y potru!” (Korolenko the Dog).

    And the answer is simple-CA is a property (process) of influencing oneself, but in a certain respect. Not as an ” effect “(the outcome of an effect from causes), but as an “affect” (the introduction of something into the system).�

    Heidegger (and his subsequent admirers) shared the position that self-affectation is the essence of time; since time is a continuous self-action, in their interpretation. Or even worse, ” time as an archetype of the subject's relationship to himself.”

  2. This is what is the goal of an externally imposed influence on people through the media, for example. A certain event is highlighted from the right angle,from the right angle, so that a certain mass of people react in a pre-programmed way. Artificial introduction of people into a certain state of mind, in order to cause the necessary, temporary emotion, which later turns into the commission of certain actions. If you cover the same thing many times, for example, which causes negative emotions in people, then gradually the wave of negativity is replaced by more loyal emotions,which gradually turn into ordinary ones and are further perceived as the norm. This is how the “overton window” works,which controls both individuals and people from different countries,which is called “state policy”.

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