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  1. Pyramid of needs-the name of a hierarchical model of human needs, which is a simplified presentation of the ideas of the American psychologist Abraham Maslow. It reflects one of the most famous theories of motivation — the hierarchy of needs theory. Let's briefly run through the seven levels of the pyramid.

    1. Physiological needs (lowest level): thirst, hunger, sexual needs, sleep.
    2. The need for security: stability, comfort, security, confidence.
    3. Social needs: communication, love, support, joint activities.
    4. The need for respect and recognition: recognition, self-esteem, success, approval.
    5. Cognitive (creative) needs: creativity, creation, cognition, discovery.
    6. Aesthetic needs: order, harmony, beauty.
    7. The need for self-actualization (highest level): personal growth, realization of one's goals and abilities, self-knowledge.

    The pyramid, which many experts in the field of psychology and marketing are now trying to find application for, has generally lost all meaning.

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