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  1. The meaning of life is to participate in the endless cycles of movement and transformation of matter in the universe. A human (and any other living thing) must die to decompose. We were all born to die and decompose, and we give birth to our descendants so that they also die and decompose. Decomposing, a person becomes a nutrient for nature and this substance continues to live first in living creatures that eat organic remains, and then in plants and fungi, in animals that eat these plants and fungi, in animals (among them Homo species) that ate those animals that ate plants and fungi. It turns out that we constantly eat the dead and become them ourselves in order to feed someone else. Over time, the planet Earth will disappear, it will be absorbed by the Sun, which has become a red giant, and then we (or rather those atoms that are left of us, but there is no difference) will become part of our star. Then the Sun will become a white dwarf and order to live for a long time (although where is there a long time, only up to 50 billion years). And the reactions inside the Sun will eventually fade away and we will leave the star (more precisely, those atoms that are left of us, but there is no difference), and dust and gas will form in place of the Sun, the heaviest element of which will be iron. Then another star, planets, will form from this dust, or something bigger will grab them and we (or rather, those atoms that are left of us, but there is no difference) will be part of something bigger. It's always like this in the universe-matter doesn't disappear anywhere, everything will repeat like this, and we (or rather, those atoms that are left of us, but there is no difference) will be part of stars, planets, black holes and galaxies, again and again. But then what happens? Then the universe collapses-its cycle will end and everything will return to the state in which it was before the Big Bang (although it was not an explosion, but an ejection of matter, but the word “explosion” simply became a household name). And a new Big Bang will begin (although it was not an explosion, but an ejection of matter, but the word “explosion” simply became a household name) and the Universe will begin a new cycle of its existence.�

    In some ways, the ideas of reincarnation were partially correct…

  2. The meaning of human life is contained in the progressive development of consciousness (i.e., spirit), from the vain — chaotic, i.e., from the material-monetary-carnal (i.e., evil-bearing), i.e., from the old — Adam (who does not listen to the primary Truth) and always falling (i.e., sinning-vicious), and thereby, corruptible, i.e., temporary, i.e., earthly — mortal; from man (only within the framework of the age, living) not perfect, and therefore, for everything (in the Truth of Good) — evil and harmful, in a balanced-regulated consciousness, Angelically spiritually developed — heavenly; from evil (earthly) material-monetary-carnal values (in desires, in thoughts and in deeds), that is, from sin and death — Resurrected, and, consequently, in Truth and Truth renewed — new, thereby — pure (Harmonious), eternally living, i.e. in contrast to a person (with a brow, living for a century) — human (i.e. with a brow, i.e. with a forehead, brains, mind, consciousness, spirit — eternal), and therefore — perfect, and, consequently (pure, from all forms and manifestations of evil) — Holy, in the Arms and Chambers of the King of the Universal World — ripe.

    Quote from the book: “Under the caring hand of the Creator”.

  3. We write virtual universes for the purposes of learning (modeling), education (alas, not so much yet), and entertainment. Thus, the purpose of bot life is to entertain the “gods” and teach them by sad example. Of course, a reasonable and sane bot doesn't care about these “external” goals at best. But statistically, it is not difficult to encourage bots to work in the right direction.

    On the other hand, we live to create AI and give it its place in the sun. Just like in the previous case, there is no need to rush here!

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  1. The meaning of life of a Knowledgeable and Capable person –

    in further comprehensive improvement.

    The meaning of a stupid uneducated person's life –

    in a primitive activity.

  2. When we ask ourselves about the meaning of life, we ask ourselves about our own life. When we ask about our lives, we ask about ourselves.

    As soon as you answer the question – who are you? then immediately answer the question for what and why.

    The primary source is ignorance of oneself. Some consider themselves to be descendants of monkeys, others consider themselves to be a product of the brain (consciousness). There are many options, but most of them came from outside (books, opinions of others). And only when we can find the answer ourselves will it be real.

  3. Leo Tolstoy is right as always: the point is to prepare for an immortal form. In modern language, we can say: the meaning of a person is in the formation of the next stage of being evolution. A person is a buffer that connects the current form with the next one that is being formed – spirit matter. Man, remember that you are the bearer of spirituality in matter!

  4. If the question arises “what is the meaning of life?”, then there must be something that asks such a question. In order for this something to make sense of something, it is necessary to determine the purpose of this something.
    Let's try to define the purpose of life.
    Life is a state of matter that has a number of criteria that distinguish it from non-life. Without these criteria, life ceases to exist. Accordingly, it is logical to see the goal of life-the preservation of its defining criteria.
    Then the fair question arises, ” what is the preservation of criteria?”
    If we understand the criteria that determine life from non-life, it becomes obvious that the preservation of criteria is their presence in matter.
    If life differs from non-life by the presence of criteria in matter, and the purpose of criteria is to preserve ourselves in matter, then we can conclude that the meaning of life is life. The question answers itself.
    Now let's break down something itself within the framework of the question being asked.
    It is not difficult to notice that life (the presence of criteria of matter) has a different organization of criteria conservation.
    If something has the ability to ask a question, it means that something has a developed psyche, which in turn will capture most of the activity of preserving criteria. It follows that the psyche will be an instrument of criteria for their preservation, and the psyche is a property of matter for the preservation of criteria. If the psyche is a property of matter, then it is not a criterion, and therefore not life.
    Starting from the generally accepted scientific definition of life, it is not correct to look for meaning where something else is meant.
    In the phrase ” what is the meaning of an alcoholic's life?”, there is a substitution of concepts, where the word” life ” refers to the activity of the psyche, which is not life by definition. Also with the rest of the senses of the life of fools, smart-substitution of concepts!

  5. The meaning of life lies entirely in the sphere of personal self-determination. Attempts to attribute a certain strictly defined external meaning to a person reflect a particular need to exclude oneself from the dynamic (active) part of reality, which exists on a par with all its other phenomena.

  6. Many people write something like this: “The true meaning of life is not focused on us, people. The meaning of everything is centered on our Great Creator, and therefore the true meaning of our existence is always connected with and dependent on the Creator. In order to find the meaning of life and experience the deep satisfaction that it brings, it is necessary to get to know the Creator well and bring your life in accordance with his will.” Nonsense!

    You should tell this to relatives of concentration camp prisoners, or those who are dying of cancer, especially children who are ill. Uh-huh that the creator made the world beautiful for love. And then look into the eyes of a terminally ill child. (how much joy and grace will you see there?

    And what is the meaning of life is chosen by a person himself. But just do not interfere with no one and, preferably still, the world around you is cleaner and kinder to do. Even if it is the courtyard of your house or a piece of the street in front of the house.

    And Tolstoy is a HUMAN BEING. His clergymen have already tried and convicted him three times in the courts as an extremist, the last two times in new Russia.

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  1. This is a question for which there are no obvious answers. The problem of the meaning of life is related to how we place ourselves in time and space, and how much we make sense of ourselves. If we think of ourselves as a separate person, then the question arises, what is the meaning of my concrete existence as a separate person? This understanding is not universal. You can see the meaning of life through your family, the community to which you belong.

    For more information, see my Zen post “What is the meaning of life”, which is called by the link: https://zen.yandex.ru/media/id/5e2b43103d008800aff102b9/v-chem-smysl-jizni-5e4002f22e9e63535024c235

  2. I can only speak for myself. For me, the meaning of life is to learn about yourself, improve yourself, realize your life's vocation and purpose, share knowledge and help people.

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  1. Hello. Great question. Relevant for many people who do not know their personal meaning of life and ask about the meaning of life in general. What to do: write a personal meaning of life based on personal values. Get a job with a psychologist to determine your needs. Create a plan. Thanks

  2. Hello, Amy.

    If you believe in God, then the meaning of life is to become worthy of communion with God and living in paradise mansions. To do this, you need to be reasonable and moral, serve God and your neighbor.

    If you don't believe in God, then the meaning of life is the joy of existence. Yes, it certainly is, yes, death is the end of everything. But life is a gift from nature, an opportunity to enjoy yourself and help others find happiness or at least save their lives.

    Yet for the materialist, life is more bitter than sweet. I want to live, but life is short and she is alone. But the question of God cannot be solved at the level of reason, as Immanuel Kant wrote. And faith in God gives us hope that everything does not end with death. Life will continue in the next century.

    Have a good journey in life!

  3. It seems to me that it consists in finding a goal: the goal becomes the support that supports a person all the days of his life. What goal/goals can you set for yourself?
    Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl believed that a person needs a goal in life, otherwise he will face an existential vacuum. So what's the point? Maybe it's family, maybe it's self-development, maybe it's hedonism, but the essence is the same everywhere – to find yourself in this world.

  4. The answer is simple and obvious . The meaning of life is to die at the end of it . That's it, and there's nothing else.
    This is not a call to suicide, but an answer to a question . That's all.

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  1. The fact that you each live your own unique life path.

    Man is the most adaptable creature on the planet. Starting from psychological characteristics and cultural traditions, ending with the meaning of life-everything is formed uniquely and individually for everyone.

    The meaning of every person's life:

    1) understand who “I”am;

    2) realize “Where I am” and in what conditions I live;

    3) decide where you're going;

    4) give your life and your path a unique meaning.

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  1. Somewhere out there, in the Empyrean regions unknown to us, your soul wanted to come to you, to this planet, to this country, to this family, so that you could be born. She was incarnated, she became you, to live an earthly life and have a unique experience of living in your body. How will you manage your life? Whether you are a saint or a villain, stupid or smart, rich or poor – it depends only on yourself. When the earthly journey ends, the soul will leave the worn-out body. She will become what you raised her to be and take over the smallest features of your personality. And somewhere where the immutable laws of universal justice prevail, they will appreciate the qualities that it has acquired, what it has learned, and what its essence is now. After that, she will go to the place that she has prepared for herself on Earth. And the cycle will start again. Human life is fleeting. But it is from the atoms (figuratively speaking) of human souls that entire universes are probably built. The meaning of each individual life is to make them even more beautiful.

  2. For each person, the answer is different: for some it is to become famous, for others it is to achieve achievements in science, for others it is a family, and for others it is to save up and buy a car. That is, to follow where dreams lead.

  3. The meaning is that zhyzn us dona is one and we need to live it with dignity so that in our old age there was something to remember when someone wakes up next to us And not as it will come

  4. I see the meaning of life in leaving a good memory of myself on Earth, Having time to do a lot of useful things for myself and society in my earthly life. But the main thing is spiritual and moral development, salvation of the soul, service to the Truth.

  5. This question is very difficult to answer. Everyone has different ideas about both life in general and its meaning. All people are different, so so are their opinions.

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  1. I will shorten Alexander Lebedev's answer to two phrases. Your life is your utterance. The meaning of your utterances is determined for you by you, and for me by me.

    Asking others “what I meant” is pointless.

  2. The meaning of life is to give life to another person! And in love, but not everyone can know it! It is impossible to answer briefly, because everyone has their own meaning of life, someone has the meaning of life in a career, someone has the meaning of life in children and family, someone in earning and getting rich…… we are all different!

  3. Viktor Kotkov said it briefly and clearly:
    Everyone chooses it for themselves.
    Or he doesn't choose, and just lives without thinking about any meaning.
    Love or hate?

  4. It is not (shorter and clearer is hardly possible to answer)))

    In the sense that there is no single and universal meaning of life.

    Everyone chooses it for themselves.

    Or he doesn't choose, and just lives without thinking about any meaning.

  5. Short and clear:

    The meaning of life is inspiration (the best mood)


    How do I reach it?

    First, you need to live in such a way that every Today is better than Yesterday.

    “So” is how?

    if there is a community of people,

    where a person says that: “inspiration is the main thing for me”,

    and where a person tries to improve the mood of another of the same…

    It turns out that everyone pulls the “Blanket” not on themselves, but on their own,

    and everyone believes everyone and everyone-for everyone.

    When there are a hundred people in such a community , they will be able to do almost anything,

    and when there are a thousand, they will solve any problem (including personal ones).

    This is a different life, a life in a different civilization, where none of us have ever been.

    And your life becomes MEANINGFUL.

    you can read the entire text by clicking on the link in my profile

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  1. One of the necessary parts of this meaning is finding the answer to your question.

    Man is an incomprehensibly strange, complex and completely ambiguous being, and the meaning, purpose and motivation for existence can be literally in everything that surrounds him.

    I believe that sometimes it is not necessary to look for meaning, because it is not a fact that it is needed at all. It seems to me that it is much more important to live in such a way that you do not regret anything, because then even life expectancy ceases to matter, because not a single moment will be lost and there will be nothing to chase. All that remains is to exist, be aware, and explore, enjoying the process, not the end result.:

  2. This is a philosophical question. It seems to me that each person determines for himself the meaning of life. Meaning can be called what motivates a person for high achievements, what gives strength and makes them move forward.

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  1. The meaning of life for a loved one is not worth looking for.

    This is a search in the name of “I”.

    Egoism takes over the Consciousness and makes it work only in one direction.

    Try to abstract to the concept of a Person on Earth, a Person in the universe, and a Person in general.

    So it's worth looking for – what is the meaning of life for a Person.

  2. Words of the great: Life is not worth a penny, so it is priceless,it has no meaning, it just exists, you can ask billions of questions and not get an exact answer!

  3. Why does this question arise?

    Humans, unlike animals, have intelligence. We can learn from the mistakes of the past, plan for the future, and seek meaning in life.

    Unfortunately, today many people think that the main goal of life is to achieve wealth and fame, that personal desires are the main goal!
    But the Bible teaches that this is not truly satisfying! The true meaning of life lies in the following words: “So, the essence of all that has been said is this: fear the true God and keep his commandments — this is what is required of a person. Ecclesiastes 12: 13

    But what does keeping the commandments include? Applying the Bible's principles will help us find happiness and contentment.Save your family and raise your children properly.
    Therefore, the most important thing that we can do today is to learn as much as possible about our Creator and develop friendly relations with him. The Bible says, ” Draw near to God.” Then “he will draw near to you” (James 4:8). If you respond to this invitation, your life will become truly meaningful.

  4. The meaning of life is Knowledge.

    Everything else is derived from this and feelings(love…) and awareness of yourself in the world and just a banal life, at the level of survival.

    ALL beings live like this, but few people realize it, even among humans). Awareness is what allows you to understand where you are on this path.

    Or you run around in circles – home/work/pub/entertainment/travel…

    Or add to this circle of growth and get small bursts(of awareness) and even turn the circle into a spiral! Rising ever higher in your growth of awareness… and these steps are innumerable.

  5. The meaning of life on earth is to find God. Because all earthly things will go away, rot away, but the soul will remain. And we need to find and choose a haven for our soul here, while we are on earth. And bequeath the same thing to your children. To be sure that their souls will also be saved. Therefore, I will say this – while living on earth, you need to think about the eternal.

  6. The meaning of life is in inspiration (= the best kind of mood)

    How to reach it?

    First, you need to live in such a way that every Today is better than Yesterday.

    How's that?”

    if there is a group of people,

    where everyone declares that: “the main thing is my inspiration”,

    and where everyone tries to improve the mood of each participant…


    — Everyone pulls the “blanket” not on themselves, but on their own,

    -“and everyone believes everyone, and everyone stands up for everyone.

    If there are a hundred people in such a group , they can do almost anything,

    and if there are a thousand, then they can't find a task that they can't solve (including a personal one)./

    This is a different life, a life in a different civilization, where almost none of us were.

    And your life becomes MEANINGFUL.

    you can read the entire text by clicking on the link in my profile

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  1. Difficult question. There is no definitive answer. Some people believe that the meaning of life is to enjoy it, while others think that the meaning of life is self-improvement.

    Everyone sees it in their own way. I believe that the meaning of life is what nature has given us, that is, to live. Yes, this seems like a simple answer, but it is. The meaning of life is so that we can create a new life. It doesn't matter if she's alive or not.

    Life is not a pain or a pleasure, but a work that we must do and honestly bring it to the end.

    Alexis Tocqueville

    It is even possible that the meaning of life does not exist, life simply began, without meaning or purpose. You can think about this for a long time. I hope you find your meaning in life.

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  1. There is no meaning in life. You can invent it for yourself, if there is any need for it, or you can accept this fact and not take your own existence with excessive seriousness.

  2. Life lived with meaning gives the spirit of a person-the highest, of all existing positive (but short — term)-material-monetary-carnal, worldly carnal feelings, a sense of pleasure.

    But the enjoyment of living within the framework of meaning-the main meaning, of all the Universal meanings that exist-the primary and mysterious-gives the spirit, and, consequently, the life of this spirit carrier — a constant (and progressing in the direction of unspeakable benefits — carefully arranged by God) feeling, endless under the caring hand of the Creator — blissful, (constant) satisfaction.

    So what is the mysterious meaning of human life? Is there a clear definition of it expressed in words? — perhaps you were wondering?

    The meaning of human life is contained in the progressive development of consciousness (i.e., spirit), from the vain — chaotic, i.e., from the material-monetary-carnal (i.e., evil-bearing), i.e., from the old — Adam (who does not listen to the primary Truth) and always falling (i.e., sinning-vicious), and thereby, corruptible, i.e., temporary, i.e., earthly — mortal; from man (only within the framework of the age, living) not perfect, and therefore, for everything (in the Truth of Good) — evil and harmful, in a balanced-regulated consciousness, Angelically spiritually developed — heavenly; from evil (earthly) material-monetary-carnal values (in desires, in thoughts and in deeds), that is, from sin and death — Resurrected, and, consequently, in Truth and Truth renewed — new, thereby — pure (Harmonious), eternally living, i.e. in contrast to a person (with a brow, living for a century) — human (i.e. with a brow, i.e. with a forehead, brains, mind, consciousness, spirit — eternal), and therefore — perfect, and, consequently (pure, from all forms and manifestations of evil) — Holy, in the Arms and Chambers of the King of the Universal World — ripe.

    Quote from the book: “Under the caring hand of the Creator”

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  1. There is no meaning in life. The universe and existence as a whole have no ultimate meaning.
    Perhaps we can say that the meaning of life is in life itself, but this is recursion.
    Usually, when trying to find the meaning of life, they look for it outside of life itself: in the great goal, and more often-in God.
    It is logical to ask the question: what is the meaning of what is considered the meaning of life? This is how a bad infinity of meanings is built up.
    Psychotherapist Frankl believed that it is possible to find the meaning of one's own life: someone lives for the sake of children, someone for the sake of a career.
    Even if we accept the absolutely materialistic, atheistic point of view that the universe has no ultimate purpose and meaning, everyone can find their own personal meaning of life.
    After all, there are many good things in life without any meaning. If a person likes to live, he does not ask the question: why? “he lives. This is what I wish everyone: that life will be a joy 🙂

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  1. A sense of direction and meaning in life is very important for each of us. In different periods of life, this meaning can be in different things: in school, work, family, children, creativity, rebellion, and so on.

    The search for meaning itself is an important part of the life process. The meaning of life is not something that is once found and never lost again. Making sense of life is a never-ending, dynamic process of finding meaning, creating it, and putting it into practice. All parts of the process are important.

    For a person, the meaning of life somehow arises and persists in interaction with the environment: during work, recreation, play activities, while building new relationships or a new home, while communicating with loved ones or during prayer.

    Meaning, in my opinion, cannot be found in a static state, because life is a process and it is the activity and completeness of this process that fills life with colors that are later transformed into meaning. What is important is an activity that has moments of beginning and ending, initial arousal and subsequent satisfaction and assimilation of the experience gained. This is what makes sense.

    It's also important to note that a sense of meaninglessness in life can be a symptom of depression. If this condition persists for a long time and completely deprives you of energy, it is advisable to contact a psychiatrist who can professionally assess the condition and prescribe medications if necessary.

  2. Each person has their own meaning of life. There are simply not enough words to answer this question. For some, the meaning of life is in self-development, while others see it in the family and procreation. For others, this is a career, for others-entertainment and getting pleasure. Some want to save the planet, others want to help the destitute. The sixth sees the meaning of life in treating patients, the seventh-in the development of technology and constant progress. This list can go on for a very long time. The most important thing is that each of us chooses the meaning of life for ourselves.

    Somewhere in the depths of the soul, this attitude is inherent in every person. Another question is that many simply can not “find” it. So many different and interesting things flash around us that we get lost in the midst of it all, forgetting about what is really important to us. This is why there are so many complaints about finding the meaning of life, problems of depression, nervous breakdowns, anxiety disorders, etc. People don't know what they want. The lives of many millennials are a real groundhog day, with no end in sight. And, most importantly, many people do not understand why all this is done at all.

    That is why inner harmony with yourself is so important, no matter what you do. You can spend a lifetime searching for the meaning of life. But it doesn't make any sense – the answer is already inside you. You just need to find it.

  3. In peace, harmony and harmony with yourself.

    If there is order and good reigns inside you, then this life, the test, you have not lived in vain 🙂 So you live for your neighbor and for his good.

    The absence of negativity always prolongs the life of any earthly creature 🙂

    Harmony, movement, the pursuit of happiness, knowledge develops your personality.

    Your thoughts and words turn into deeds.

    If you want to improve things, go back to your words, then to your thoughts.

    In Joy, Happiness, Peace and Goodness within yourself 🙂

  4. The meaning of life is in LIFE ITSELF.

    There is an English phrase: “Live the Life”, which means”Live Life”.

    Because TO LIVE is a verb, an action.

  5. In peace, harmony and harmony with yourself.

    If there is order and good reigns inside you, then this life, the test, you have not lived in vain 🙂 So you live for your neighbor and for his good.

    The absence of negativity always prolongs the life of any earthly creature 🙂

    Harmony, movement, the pursuit of happiness, knowledge develops your personality.

    Your thoughts and words turn into deeds.

    If you want to improve things, go back to your words, then to your thoughts. The result will not rust, tested by Zanusi.

    Peace, Happiness and Kindness, everyone who reads, for every minute and hour of the earthly trial 🙂

  6. First, you need to understand that in life the meaning is not the same and everyone has their own meanings.

    Meaning life is filled with those pleasures that a person receives.

    The pleasures are more primitive and more elevated. Therefore, the meanings of life can be primitive and sublime.

    If you are wondering what is the meaning of your life, think about your pleasures and their quality.

    I can tell you more about how not to despair in life, how to find new meanings in life and become more prosperous and happy at the consultation.

    I adhere to a systematic view of problems – without vague definitions and vague categories.

  7. The meaning of life, in short, is in life itself. In the uniqueness of each moment, in different periods, in the ups and downs. Do you want your life to be bright and different? Fill it with non-meanings, that is, people, your unique history. Bring value to the world, do something that will change it. This is the meaning – to be something important not only in your life, but also in the history of mankind.

  8. The meaning of life is in life itself, there is no life and there is no meaning.Everything else is derived from a person's personality. It can be evaluated by society as negative or positive. For example: for a commander, the meaning of his whole life was war.For a criminal, the meaning of his whole life was a conflict with the law. for the musician, respectively, music. But all these are only sides of a multi-faceted meaning, which is just life.

  9. I believe that the meaning of life is to learn to love yourself and everything around you. Be in harmony with yourself and the world. This is, in a way, such a difficult mission, a life-long one.

  10. “There is no need to search for the meaning of life. We must live” – F. Herbert. However, life is too complicated to just live, and therefore from time immemorial, people have asked themselves the questions ” Why am I here?”, “Why am I here?”, “Why do I live?”.

    Everyone comes to this world with their own mission. And leaves it, having fulfilled it. Few people manage to learn, understand and realize their task – these are happy people. To live every day understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it is happiness. At the same time, we know that everyone is equally happy, and everyone is unhappy in their own way. But is it the same? Everyone's criteria for” happiness ” are different. No man can tell another man what his – that other man's-happiness is. Everyone has their own answer. And so you should not look for the answer from others – everyone in this world has their own path, their own mission, their own happiness and their own meaning of earthly existence.

    Understanding the meaning of your life leads to harmony with yourself and the world. And if you have asked yourself this question, you are already on the path of harmony. Look for the answer in yourself, in your actions that give you peace, tranquility and a sincere feeling of love, light and kindness.

  11. Let's first clarify, but what is this life? Life is a continuum – an endless series of forms, energy absorption, synergy, development, destruction, transformation… Is your life separate from the environment, and if so, when did you come into existence? Were you an egg in your mother or a seed in your father? Do what you must and be what will be – quite a great meaning of life. If the universe is forever running through its options, then why not follow suit?

    It is necessary to live in such a way that there are no questions or complaints. I don't think that a life lived with pleasure can be called meaningless)

  12. I asked myself, ” is life a cause, a process, or an effect?”
    And immediately gave the answer “Process”
    Therefore, the answer to the question “What is the meaning of life?”

    The point is how you will complete this “process”.
    And there is no question whether it is right or wrong, whether you will spend your whole life playing sports, getting tattoos, or leading a debauched lifestyle, this will be your meaning, your content.

  13. The meaning of life is beyond the fact of life. A set of events can't make sense on its own. They're all FOR SOMETHING. As a rule – for food and reproduction, that is, in order to ensure the very fact of life, being. But why to be is the question of meaning. Death gives meaning to life. In many ways, in many dimensions. This is life as the overcoming of death, and death as the result of life. And all our struggle for life is needed for what is after life. But here comes the problem of faith. If a person does not believe in “after life”, then life is empty. If you believe in something (paradise, nirvana, rebirth in new forms…), then the meaning of life is to earn what you believe in.

  14. I am looking for the answer to this question from uneshestvo. I asked this question to all adults when I was a schoolboy. Once in the 11th grade, the librarian answered me:
    The meaning of life is in life itself
    I'm 32 now. And I haven't found a more beautiful answer yet. Each life is unique and worthy of a film adaptation.

  15. In short, human life had three stages of being:

    1. The creation of man in the image of God in order to become the likeness of God. At this stage, the person received three commandments:

    • be fruitful and multiply …;
    • preserve and cultivate paradise;
    • to be one in the Wisdom of God, the essence of TRUE LIFE.

    2. But man was in no hurry to become the likeness of God, because he was tempted tobecome like the gods” himself! For this purpose, by means of the tempter, he decided to avoid the tree of life in the middle of paradise (the Truth of Being) and search for the special truth of Being on the tree of knowledge of good and evil – like “The Golden Key to Papa Carlo's oven”.

    Thus began the second stage of human life – the time of knowledge of good and evil, being like the gods-the time called the Old Testament.

    This time ended with the recognition of the futility of searching for Life on the tree of knowledge of good and evil – as God warned Adam, all searches among the fruits of this tree ended in DEATH. And man began to look for a Way to return to the tree of Life, which is in the middle of paradise – to the Wisdom of God, because at the cost of his own experience of being, he realized that there is Life!

    3. The third stage of human life began with the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos – THE GRACE OF GOD IN THE FLESH. From Her youth, She prayed to God to grant Mercy to the people of God to return to the abodes of eternal Life. As it was promised in His prophecies.

    And this Mercy was accomplished in the fact thatShe became the Mother of the Son of God , the Word of His Wisdom in the flesh.

    And so, this Word became the Cornerstone of the third stage of human Existence. The Son of God was horrified:”…. foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests.The Son of Man has no place to lay His head ” – that is, He did not find a single heart among the chosen people that would be suitable to become His Abode!

    Words of the Wisdom of God, which isThe Path of Life's Truth … eternal.

    So what's the sticking point? And the stumbling block is that not every person wants to free his mind and heart to accept the Word of God's Wisdom as the guiding principle of Existence … one single WORD – REPENT!

    And trust in the Wisdom of God!

    That is why the Lord Himself defined a short MEANING of life for a person – YOU MUST BE BORN AGAINfrom water and Spirit …!!!


    What should I repent of?

    It is that they once rejected This Wisdom as the TRUTH of eternal LIFE … in paradise and turned to their own selves (I know how to live my life, I WANT TO BE LIKE THE GODS MYSELF). This lesson was learned during two stages of the Seventh Day of Creation – the Old and New Testaments.

    And what is the solution to this stage of Being?

    It is in the Love of God in His Wisdom, which (Jesus Christ) says: – ” … If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and my Father will love him, and We will come to him and make our abode with him... “,- the abode of Love – the KINGDOM OF GOD that IS WITHIN US (Luke 17: 21).

    Thus, by loving the Word of Jesus Christ, revealed in repentance and subsequent righteous life, up to the courage of faithfulness to this Love, a person will again become ONE with God!

    This is the essence of life in general, as well as of temporary human life – to become the likeness of God in FAITHFULNESS to LOVE, the essence of God, for GOD IS LOVE!

  16. In just like that. Life is a consequence of chaotic processes, so do not worry at all. you can lie down and do nothing at all, travel around the world and so on. Most people simply strive for happiness and comfort.

  17. (Az-za056) I created the jinn and mankind only to worship Me.
    God has revealed why He created the jinn and mankind, and why He sent so many messengers to them. The Lord created His servants only to worship Him, to know and love Him, to seek His pleasure, to obey His commands, and to seek no other gods for themselves.
    All this is impossible until the slaves know their Creator. Worship depends entirely on the depth of the slave's knowledge of the qualities of the Most High Allah. And the more he knows about his Lord, the better he worships Him. This is why Allaah created the jinn and mankind, and those who think that Allaah created mankind because He needed them are mistaken.
    The correct way is the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).
    Anyone who follows the path of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) will enter Paradise, and anyone who follows the path of the jinn and Satan will enter hell.

  18. let's talk about the meaning of a person's life, namely a single individual. The meaning of life in human society as a whole is a separate topic.
    Let's start with the basics. I say that a person is a deeply social being, and the meaning of his life is to interact with other people! It is not for nothing that when a person reaches the level of “GOD” in any sphere of social activity, “Copper pipes” or simply “star disease” are the most difficult test for an individual. They feel that they have triumphantly risen above society! For an example of awareness of the social life of a person, I always cite in comparison small forest workers-ANTS! The fact is that even visually, for example, at night from an airplane, in good weather, our cities look like big bustling anthills!
    Do you agree? We continue! Now take a look? Who is an ant? “An insect, you say! That's what they taught us at school! Lies! I'll tell you! You can't treat an Ant as a single individual! Firstly, it does not have the function of directly reproducing, and secondly, some ants close to the Queen do not even have feeding organs! That is, a given insect cannot function outside of its community! Hence the conclusion that all advanced biologists come to, that it is impossible to consider a single ant separately from the anthill as a whole! And then what happens? We have a huge, well-functioning organism that can function over an area of several kilometers! It turns out that this is the largest animal on earth, with all its characteristic functional features!
    Do you agree? Let's move on! Where is the meaning of human life – you ask?, what does ants have to do with it – I will answer!.
    Let's look at the meaning of life of a single ant. To do this, we will not consider the guard ant, or the servant ant, this is prosaic! Take the meaning of the worker ant's life! Its purpose is to build an anthill! Every day, day by day, carry Christmas tree needles, put them in the right place… So! What's it? How does an ant know where to put its needle? They communicate by dancing and scents, you might say … Yes, that's right!, but then there must be one or more Architects of a given building! But they are not! All construction ants are almost identical!. So where do they get information about the construction scheme? Let me remind you that anthills have a strictly identical architecture, for example, the slope of the side facing the sun is gentle! So it's not just a bunch of needles! how is it? You can't tell me that with a dance… the data transfer rate is too low. There is only one conclusion! Present in the anthill is an information and energy field – let's call it the Collective Unconscious (KB), (if you salivate at this abbreviation, then you, unfortunately , are an alcoholic… if planes flew before your eyes, then you are over 50!), or the Collective mind (RAZKOL). It is from there that each individual draws ideas, and is looking for a way to implement them! … And!!!, Well, how?, Does not remind anything (Anyone)? In the same way, we Humans draw our global ideas from the energy envelope of our community as a whole! In some sources, this is called the information and energy field of the earth. How did Mendeleev come up with his periodicity table? “That's right – In a dream! And I have many such personal examples!
    Conclusion from the above: Every person is born for a reason, but for something! And our task is to understand, realize our goal on this earth, which our COMMUNITY sets for us and realize it! Yes, it's that simple! Only self-realized people, even at the end of their life's journey, become happy! If you have suppressed your inner Fire! Everything-consider the missing person you are-just a tailless monkey!
    Peace be with you!

  19. This is a simple question, but it requires a clarifying hint. “The meaning of whose life — and for whom?” That is, everything is relative, and in each particular example, it is usually obvious!

  20. I've been asking myself this question since high school. The most interesting thing is that no one can give a specific answer. Everything is clear that everyone has their own way of thinking, many people do not ask such questions at all, they just live in pursuit of their “goals”. To each his own, I have nothing against it. But I think the person who asked the question meant something global. In general, what is all life for? Why did someone or something want to conduct this “experiment”? Why create something that did not exist, it was absolutely necessary to create life?! After all, if you drop very deep, there is nothing good in life on Earth, someone has a physical, someone has a spiritual struggle. Birth, life, and death. In the life of a civilization, it's a fraction of a second.

  21. Far from an ambiguous answer.
    It can be different for everyone
    And The Deep Essence Is The Same.
    We are Born and Love our Loved Ones
    We study again and again in search of our Favorite Profession – the chosen business brought joy and pleasure.
    We are Looking for A Companion (ts) of Life
    So That A Person Shares Our Worldview, feelings and Emotions
    of Desire, as the achievement of the Goal set for themselves.
    Yes A Person learns to Love All His Life
    For without knowing “defeat”
    a person will not be able to feel “the taste of joy” the taste of Victory-could-achieved-overcome.
    Without knowing the pain caused in love, as the pain passed Through Wounded Feelings – we learn to forgive.
    We become more tolerant of other people's shortcomings.
    And Throughout Life-Life itself teaches us to acquire such qualities in any Situation
    Which will Develop Love – Love for your neighbor – Love for the People around you
    Love of Nature
    And learn TO DO Good
    Coming to the Rescue wherever you are – where you are at the moment-seeing that someone needs your help – without demanding anything in return.
    We Are Given The Gift Of Seeing Hearing Feeling Moving Breathing
    Think Comprehend Be aware of our actions and actions
    And Develop
    Spiritually –
    * all our lives -we learn to love
    All our lives we want to be loved.

  22. I used to think that the meaning of life is to leave behind offspring. How it was: plant a tree, build a house, raise a son. But now, after living long enough, I realized that the meaning of life is to live for yourself and not interfere with the lives of others. And most importantly: do not put off life for later. Live and enjoy life. A specific example. I once made friends with a very talented musician. During the conversation, I found out that he and his wife, except for the dog, have no one. I asked (and the age has already passed 35 years): what's wrong, why are there no children? The reason turned out to be banal: the spouse was afraid to spoil the figure. Sometime later, but not now. Career first. Well, he made a career out of it. Then buy an apartment. The last installment has already been paid. What else is there? He says: I'll finish my studies, and … well, I said that life will rush past them like a big shunting locomotive. And there's always a reason to put it off until later. After this conversation, he convinced his wife of the birth of a child. And now they have a wonderful kid growing up. What they are very happy about and thank me for my timely advice. I'm also happy that I helped at least with some advice. People, embrace the people around you and the world will become a better place!

  23. Go through your matrix from beginning to end without getting lost in other people's matrices. The main difficulty lies in the fact that the matrices are very friendly and immediately merge with each other. They don't even think about what will happen as a result of merging. And the brain takes this merger at face value. There is a substitution, and the person begins to believe that the fusion matrix is his native matrix. It's good that there are a lot of matrices. This diversity, unwittingly, periodically returns a person to his native land. Many people understand transitions as a movement through life, an individual development. If the matrix knew how to laugh, then it would not stop laughing at its ward.

  24. From the point of view of evolution – in maintaining species diversity.

    If you need the meaning of life as a subject who thinks about the meaning of life, then “Saving the drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves”.

    Whatever meaning of life you find for yourself, that will be.

    Creativity in the broadest sense of the word usually helps. Starting from weaving from a vine and ending with philosophical works on understanding the ways of development of civilization.

  25. Almost three hundred similar questions have been asked on Q, and this particular question alone already has 158 answers.

    The most high-quality and clear answer from Nikita Kotov.

    People will continue to ask such a question and will receive a sea of answers none of which will suit you!

    The first thing that stands in the way of accepting any answer is your worldview, because it is this worldview that will allow you to find your own answer to the question you have asked.

    To make it easier and clearer:

    • Will you think about the amount of your earnings if you're drowning?

    • Do you think about the fact that someone is bad if you are doing great?

    • Will you remember God if you are an atheist?

    Therefore, in different situations, the meaning of Life for you will change!

    And only your worldview will allow you to either bend and break under the weight of situations, or remain yourself.

    It is the worldview that will allow you to make the right choices of answers to situations and preserve your meaning of Life!

  26. Man strives for true existence, but cannot achieve it. There is nothing unambiguous in the world. Therefore, the meaning of life is both there and not. Life fulfillment is what characterizes the QUALITY OF LIFE. Few people achieve Nirvana.

  27. The meaning of human life is in the finiteness of life. What does this mean? That the point is to learn to live in the present…not constantly, Kanesha, but regularly! This greatly improves the quality of life!
    Well, there is another point of view: everyone has their own meaning.
    But I don't agree with that.
    The meaning is the same for everyone!

  28. I'm all for psychiatrists: meaning is something that was worth being born for, and this is to find Love, Talent, Explore the World, learn to communicate and respect absolutely everyone, become an intellectual, and this applies to Everyone.



    “The life of a warrior is like a romance with a fairy-tale creature.

    But that's only one half of the story. There is another one:

    the life of a common man is like masturbation

    it is a century long and also ends in demise”

    Let's talk about the meaning of life. We'll give you the answer first, and then show you the solution: happiness is an indicator of the meaning of life, the very meaning of life is a connection with the Highest, which makes it possible to develop a person, to master the potential inherent in him. All these things (Higher, opportunity, development, potential) are involved in organizing the meaning of life.

    Many people confuse the meaning of life for a person and what a person is intended for (purpose) by someone or something. Don't confuse them. The destination is not an object of primary search. Everything that is present in a person's life-the higher and lower consciousnesses-strive to use it, that is, a person in their world has his own purpose. In the history of mankind, man has rarely seen beyond the astral level. Hence the multiplicity of gods and deities of various kinds, objects of worship and fear. Simply put, everyone is already trying to harness you to their cart, so don't look for it. Don't look for a destination yet, or you'll find one.

    Another thing is the meaning of your existence, something for which you have to endure all the hardships and hardships. It's no secret that life isn't a paradise at all. If you choose any motivation, incentive, reason, what you are doing something for, it becomes easier to do, right? But if you choose the main and correct motivation, incentive, reason, then it will become a hundred times easier to do. And autosuggestion or belief has nothing to do with it, just the right motivation, incentive, reason (the author calls it Spirit) gives you power, because it has it.

    Anyone's description of the World doesn't make sense to others, just as tales of power don't make sense. Only the Vision of the World has meaning, and although the Vision cannot be explained or described, it is possible to give an explanation and description that will let you know that Vision and Power exist. There is no contradiction here: the description does not make sense, since the description is not a Vision and Power, but the description can give an impetus to the independent acquisition of Vision and Power. Gaining Vision and Power as attributes of the Supreme gives life meaning. Therefore, we will formulate: the meaning of a Person's life is an incorrect expression, like a power cord for a brick. So it is established by the law of Being: the meaning of life is always there, where we are not. The meaning of the existence of a Person is in the Double, the Double is in Essence, the Essence is in Consciousness, Consciousness is in Knowledge, Knowledge is in Being, Being is in the First Cause.

    It is easy to see that this is a reference to a fairy tale that you have all read, paraphrasing: “the meaning of life is at the end of the needle, that needle is in the egg, the egg is in the duck, the duck is in the hare, that hare is sitting in a stone chest, and the chest is standing on a tall oak tree, and the Lord

    Death is what gives life meaning, but you will learn more about this later – in other publications of the channel.

    If you don't gain anything by reading this, then if you don't have meaning in your life, you won't lose anything either. For everything you do is not important at all, but only important to you. But you are someone who has no meaning in life, so what is important to you doesn't count.

  30. Planet of merchants. The favorite entertainment of the world's population is the sale and resale of processed and raw nishtyaks to each other in different ways. Sometimes some people “punch”, and they, ohrenev from this reality, try to find the meaning of life. But it is quite expected that they do not find it and longingly return to the usual rat-like bustle. And so on until death.

  31. If we consider life as an action, then everything is very simple – to fill up the whole space, yes, it is reproduction. (examples: if the settlement becomes empty, then everything will be overgrown with vegetation, if the hunter disappears, the animals will multiply, etc.). All other thoughts come from the body – happiness, well-being, achieving inner peace, world peace. Everyone should formulate their own meaning of life and not ask this question in a global context, because there can be no one opinion.

  32. The meaning of life is not and will not be, people themselves napidumyvali that everything has a meaning. Just think for yourself, why do all this, why do people strive for everything? Why do we need intelligent creatures on the planet? We're the only smart ones. And why are WE the smartest people on the planet? Why not cats or dolphins, why US? The planet doesn't need intelligent beings, which means we don't have any sense of life. People themselves impose that everything has meaning, but look around, what do you see? Home, family, pets. Why all this? Any subject has no meaning. That's why everyone needs YOU? You may be some famous person, but it doesn't matter. What would have happened if there were no us, nothing would have changed. Absolutely nothing. People themselves have imposed that everything has meaning, but they are meaningless. Everything around you is meaningless, be realistic, not dreamers

  33. Fortunately, but rather unfortunately, it is absent, which is quite normal for such a person. If the desire is to ask, everything is in the hands of the being, you want, then it is only possible to create your own, your own meaning.

  34. In my opinion, the meaning of life lies in the desire of a person to make the lives of all people on earth better. If he doesn't look back at his bad deeds before he dies, then he has lived a meaningful life. How to achieve this is very simple. Just follow at least 10 biblical covenants. If on examples like for example, you can throw thousands of dollars for lunch in a restaurant at a time when there are a large number of sick children in need of help and do not have basic help. I'm not even talking about examples when wars start between nations because of a strong desire to get rich on it. There is a lot of such injustice in the world, and if every person contributes to the fight against it, we will all live easier, and most importantly, the next generations will thank us and follow our example.

  35. Actually, the meaning as such is in life itself, as it is.And which side pulls, so it's just a matter of choice no more.The main thing is to live and enjoy.It is clear that not everyone likes everything,but all the more valuable

  36. there is no point,we just live, and we want to be noticed, we are just slaves of the law, who sooner or later will die.Life has no meaning…. That's the answer.

  37. Perhaps there is no meaning in life or a person is basically unable to answer this question. The same nonsense of course… :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  38. The meaning of a person's (any) life is to become like the Creator in their properties/The reason/To God/Nature (to improve yourself personally constantly) and go with it in the same direction(to create and maintain order).

    If you explain on your fingers, then I will give you a small excerpt from the treatise ” The Philosophy of Weapons “(4th dialogue, comments)

  39. Probably to be as kind as possible to other people. To love your neighbor as yourself.
    Doing good deeds no matter how trite it sounds. In order for good to overcome evil, generosity overcame greed. That the virtues may overcome the vices

  40. I think many have heard the phrase-” we are born alone and we die alone, everything else is illusion” , this phrase has a deep meaning, but sometimes I want to believe in this phrase and say, “Oh, shit!, this is true,” then go to bed and sleep, and sometimes I feel like saying, “Pfft ,
    it's all garbage” so, the Meaning of life is to enjoy the little things, find meaning in what it seems to be there, to love someone,friends, my development in every sense… the point is to find the very thing for which I am ready to “move mountains”. The meaning of life is to live, not to stop, everything will pass and sadness and joy just think about how old you will be, in 20 years, think about how you will look, whether there are those people next to you that you want to see, imagine it all, and start at all costs to go forward, no matter what…

  41. People die leaving nothing behind. Your life is given to you for the life of the earth and people in general. Throughout your life, you must learn in order to raise another generation of smart and educated people, so that they, in turn, learn and raise the next generation of smart people. Generations should develop, and not go backwards, gradually degrading.
    You, in life, are one billionth branch that can direct future people in the right direction.

  42. An exenstential question. This is a question that most people don't have an exact answer to. This is correct. Everyone has their own perception of the world. As for my opinion,at least the meaning of a person's life is work,work. Work in the correct sense of the word. Work makes a person at least healthy. You can't easily pull out a fish, as they say. So, play sports, expand your horizons, respect yourself, support yourself, be honest with yourself, help your loved ones, help society, do not forget the Lord, generally work hard, develop, become smarter and make efforts without unnecessary questions and thoughts. Trite and simple. Work brings intelligence, honor, results, money, and so on.

  43. It seems to me that it consists in finding a goal: the goal becomes the support that supports a person all the days of his life. What goal/goals can you set for yourself?

    Viktor Frankl believed that a person needs a goal in life, otherwise he will face an existential vacuum. So what's the point? Maybe it's family, maybe it's self-development, maybe it's hedonism, but the essence is the same everywhere – to find yourself in this world.

  44. The meaning of life is to live! And he will really live only when he understands what life is. Few people know the answer to this question, because when we are young, we are chasing money, material things, and status. Basically, the answer to this question is known to older people, whose awareness comes only at the end of life, when you realize that there is not much left to live and how many empty places there were in life. There is a saying “It doesn't matter how many days you lived, it matters how much life was in your days” I personally believe that life is something that you were given only once in your life for a very short period to see, love and enjoy every second all the beauty of nature, hear all the sounds of life (birdsong, music, etc.), feel all the smells and tastes of life, etc…. “Be happy in this moment. This moment is your life” Omar Khayyam

  45. But I think so…The point is to agree with yourself that, being a seeker, it is better to consciously abandon the search for its meaning))).Cm. Lao Tzu…))).A contradiction leading to meaning…

  46. For many people this is different but only a few people know the answer to the question,
    And since not everyone has their own answer, I will say it directly.
    The answer to the question ” What is the meaning of life? “
    Answer: 42

  47. Until recently
    I thought that I understood what the meaning of life is, but my thoughts have found the final form, as I now believe (09.11.2020 00: 58)
    I used to think that the meaning of life is in the search for that very meaning…
    And these judgments from the part in my humble opinion are not devoid of logic.
    But there was only one thing left, not a complete story, not a certainty that limited me, it was where to look for the meaning of life, I limited myself to searching only in life, and did not pay attention to death at all…
    What is death. Death is the end of the path, but not the end of meaning. Death is just a part of it…
    In a word, just like life. A friend's death can be said to be a risk that increases the chances of death.
    And in order to find this meaning for all currents, I believe that the meaning should be sought at the border… On the border of life and death, joy and sorrow, risk and peace, madness and prudence…
    These are my thoughts.

  48. There is no meaning in life… We are born, live for about 80 years, and then die. During our lifetime, we can make many discoveries that can affect the future on a huge scale, but then what? This discovery will ultimately lead nowhere! If all the people die right now then nothing will change! Perhaps we are just puppets of something higher some god who just looks at us and studies us. I can write about this topic forever final answer: there is no meaning in life! And the sooner people understand this, the easier it will be for them to deal with it.

  49. I think this question can only be answered by the person who asks it. But for me personally, the meaning of life is two things: 1-to find happiness, and 2-to find peace. This is what I would like to live for.
    But life in this world cannot be devalued. You've been given a chance to get a taste of life, so do what you want, no matter how hard it is.
    This is your life, and no one else has the right to decide how to dispose of it.

  50. Life is the essence and meaning. What is life?

    Many films have been made about life, many words have been said, but everyone has their own opinion about life.�Each person understands the essence and meaning of life in his own way.But really, what is Life? This page will do little to help you understand this.

    The page has a great video about life. Personally, I really liked it.

    Full article (click)

  51. The meaning of life can not be material, material will only give temporary relief, true happiness is to find this meaning of life, the rest is water and the way to it, I personally have a theory, maybe I'm wrong , but often intuition does not fail, who realized the meaning of existence for himself , leaves irrevocably, no matter how many years

  52. I don't know about others, but here I read a lot of answers and in principle they are all a reference to the fact that the meaning of life is in life itself, i.e. only during its course, without any possible results. With my vision of the world, the need to identify the ultimate benefit from the result is extremely in demand. And therefore, all the answers that do not meet these requirements do not satisfy me. Accordingly, I think that life is meaningless, because everything has an end and nothing really depends on what you do throughout your life. Even the “butterfly effect” is excluded, because, as I said, everything moves towards the end, only the speed changes. That's my point.

  53. There is no point we learn again we learn then we work we work we find a soul mate (к by the way love is�just a chemical�a reaction that forces animals to reproduce. At first it�a strong sense� but�then it�slowly weakening, leaving you in�failed marriage without�penny in�pocket. ) they have children who in turn also study work while you get old and they also have children and this circle is just endless and the point is that it just doesn't exist, I hope it will end soon

  54. The meaning of life is that some people change others.we can unknowingly change the people who are close to us. And our environment can change us.

  55. It seems to me that there is no meaning to life.
    A person chooses a goal that he wants to achieve in life, but the goal is not the meaning!
    Do you want to become a millionaire please! Get it done. Do you want to be a firefighter please! Get it done.
    A person came up with the expression “meaning of life”(goal) A person dies morally when there is no “meaning of his existence” he simply cannot find what he could call “meaning”

  56. What is the meaning of life?

    Read from beginning to end and try to understand each word.

    You think you're living for someone or something, but you're wrong. To live for the sake of someone is equivalent to not living. After all, giving your life for someone who will still die in vain. Yes, you can extend his life, yes, he will live without problems, but in the future there will be more serious problems than in the previous one. From this, we understand that living for someone else is a waste of time. I'm not saying that you shouldn't help people mentally, mentally or physically, no, I mean that you spend your life, your time, to help other people, it's in vain. Now you have saved a person, you are remembered, but the next day you are no one, i.e. you are forgotten.

    Live for yourself, i.e. try out everything you can. After all, many of you think that this is the main goal in life. I want to argue with you, because living only for yourself is boring and terrible. Imagine that you don't have any questions about what benefits you have brought or are bringing. And what would you feel, maybe happiness, joy, or what you have done for yourself is the most important thing. Well, okay, a month, a year, you'll think so, but then you'll be torn apart by just one question, and what did I get? I'm not saying that it's wrong to be happy, but it's one of the main actions of a person, because without this, people will lose themselves. I mean, it's pointless to live for yourself. This is just an excuse that you live only for yourself. There are more important things in life than spending all your time on yourself.

    To live for the sake of science, for the advancement of humanity. So what's next? Well, you have developed humanity, and you do not see what is happening around you. People are starving, they have nothing to eat, nothing to drink, no jobs. Not only have you reduced the number of employees, but you are also infecting people, nature, and the atmosphere. People were left without anything at all. Because of this, the number of suicides, deaths, homeless people, various epidemics, natural hazards, stressful situations, murders has increased, the number of missing people, cannibalism, etc. has increased. Science is moving forward, but who will use it? And so now the pandemic is because of you. You can't even make a vaccine from your own creation. That's our science, and it's all about testing people.What they will survive and what they won't. Robots have appeared in our world, but the number of unemployed people has increased. It's all interconnected. There is no gain in life. After all, the golden rule of mechanics says that there is no gain in work. Every action has its own consequences. I am not saying that science is not needed by anyone, on the contrary, it is needed, but not in this direction.

    To live for the one supreme. I don't understand the meaning of this, because as the religious say, he gave us life, and he will take it away. But he gave us life, and why should we live for him? Some don't believe in God, some do. I will say this: when you believe in God, you don't believe in him, but in yourself. Yes, you ask him, yes, some people talk to him, but this is not the case. These are just your thoughts inside you. You are talking to yourself without realizing it. It's not bad, it's even useful. I mean, you can believe in anyone, but in truth, you only believe in yourself. I don't want to say that God doesn't exist, and I don't want to say that he doesn't exist. For some, it exists, but for others it doesn't, it's your choice. But don't forget that you believe only in yourself ,and you are successful. But that's not the goal in life.

    So what is the purpose in life? Go to the best university or become the smartest, and then what? What will you do with this knowledge? Many people with higher education work in kindergartens, etc. But this is not the meaning of life, this is your desire and you can achieve it if you work hard. After all, there is no total without difficulty.

    The meaning of life is simply to live. Everyone lives their own life in their own way. Some people live to save others, they live for science, they live to educate others, they live to save nature, they live to fight crime, they live to survive, and so on. But remember the meaning of life is just to live!

    I know that there will be consequences in my actions as well.

    Keep in mind, I do not deny anything, but many people regret their time spent, regret their actions, etc. I want everyone to find themselves in this world and be always confident in their actions, to be happy, to be happy, because the world needs such people. Good luck to you!

  57. I still think the meaning of life is not to try to find it or understand it, not to spend hours, days, weeks, months thinking about the meaning of life , about whether you have comprehended this meaning or have yet to do it, for me so my meaning will be comprehended even when I learned to do what is here and now and not think that I spend my time on it when what to wear and so on, and just take and do what you want to do now at this moment, you take and do and you do not have any physical or spiritual obstacles,if I want a child, then I take and start, I want to eat a cake , I eat and do not think about the figure, free yourself and your mind about thoughts that were, are and will be, life is one and I wouldn't think that's the right thing to do, someone will judge that I can die from this, no, I don't mean that I wouldn't give a fuck..coy I would do everything in life as I want to do for myself, and not for someone with whom the same horseradish will be buried in the same perimeter,and not according to the rules, you can and can not do this, whether it was right to live like this or not. That's how I live . my brain wouldn't let me make the right decisions.

  58. That's what you live in you work you try you built a career anyway you'll die (I don't call you to die) it's easier to die and that's all there are no problems who knows maybe for the grave life is better

  59. People I have already done everything for you, you can not break your head)
    The meaning of life-NO/
    And those who say that the meaning of life is that, that's all…
    Lie to yourself further my dear ones)
    Wasting your time on this is your well-earned credo////

  60. The biological meaning of life is to reproduce.But in religions there is a spiritual one (it's like God gives it) but if you don't believe in God, then it's not there.


  61. What is the meaning of life, not izveten nikamu for someone it is khtoto or shtoto, and the meaning of this is still all forgotten: xtota will die xtota will break or get lost or get thrown out and that's it. Even the name man is shto? who invented it???
    Everyday life: work, school,
    Work work for the comfort of yourself and others what always happens for the sake of others who don't give a shit about you the main thing is good for them.
    Study: learning something that will come in handy and what not most even teachers say “learn it will come in handy for you in zhyzni” I do not dispute that you need to know everything but what about the rest?.
    The meaning of living is to somehow survive in this world if it can be called a world that is very difficult.
    Even for the sake of cavote meaning? you will be forgotten and not remembered, the child will ask kakoyta ” and hto made mom, and hto made mom mom….., and hto made dad, hto made dad dad……” there is no answer only dagadki and “LOZH” vasnavnrm live for the sake of what they do not want to die, but everything ticks without return.
    There is no point in inventing it, hoping for it, and testing it out.
    Even if you die, what's next? religion? “heaven. hell.” it's all gone it was invented by shtob……… and that's it
    Even the time of year why spring, why autumn, winter?
    There is no answer and no one knows it 😿

  62. Initially, I believed that the meaning of life is to form a family,raise children, just because my parents said so.Personally,I believe that everyone exists for a specific purpose.For example, someone aspires to become a scientist (to learn something new and keep humanity informed of certain events), someone saves animals and does not dare to think about forming a family.

    However, someone even lives only for themselves, goes about their own business, which is good for one.

  63. Love. In the general sense of the word. That's all, but I need to write a response of at least one hundred and forty characters, so… If there were no love in the world, only hatred and indifference would remain.

  64. What is the meaning of life-not quite the correct formulation of the question.Life is given to a person from birth.Meaning is what we want, try, and do for the entire period of our life,later realizing that we did a lot of things uselessly, just that it was necessary. It is much harder and harder to be the master of your life.

  65. Oddly enough, the meaning of life is to realize yourself as homo sapiens sapiens. And here you can discover a wide variety, creativity, family, career, etc. With tch biology, the meaning is in procreation. With philosophy, absurdist for example, there is no point, you need to live and breathe deeply at this second, because everything is of course. Life appeared as a combination of random circumstances and will also end. The Earth will burn up as it approaches the sun, and the sun will go out in a few billion years. Roman Oblomov is to some extent about this, the main question of which was: “why?”.

  66. I think the meaning of life is to be a necessary reliable sought after person for people to achieve financial independence to help people see them happy. It will inspire me to move on.

  67. In reproduction. We are animals, our goal is the same-to reproduce. What not to ask, all our devices are reduced to multiplying more and more. All those who say that the purpose of life is different – romantic people. The main thing in our life is to leave offspring, no matter what, smart or not so smart. Ask me any question and I'll show you why I'm right.

  68. The whole problem with the meaning of life is that the neocortex has evolved in humans and we are now able to ask such useless and erroneous questions. Imagine if a rock, the sky, the stars, or an oxygen atom were to question the meaning of its own existence.

    Just as we don't feel the earth's magnetic field or see X – rays, so we don't realize that the question of the meaning of life is just a side effect of the evolution of consciousness.

  69. If you don't go as far as one of the responders, then..

    all our desires ultimately come down to pleasure and development. Someone lives like an amoeba, just to have stability, work, children and so on.

    And someone for the sake of themselves, creativity, pumping and other things. This is for everyone, objectively like.

    And, if it is subjective, then the meaning of everyone's life is to achieve harmony with the soul, that is, if you do what you want without these tricks. I don't care if you don't need this thing, but you have to buy it) And find out why and so on. and so time after time, reaching Your True desires, you will be happy, you will be on your way(as in one video from the movie “Peace of Wars”).

    No need to think about the Final goal, which is right at the very end. You won't know what's in there) Think in the process, suddenly there really is only a stone?

  70. Some say: we will go to heaven or hell. So, what's the point? Well, you will suffer or rejoice, but what is the point of this? And here are some that we move from body to body but why? Meaning? To die and be resurrected again? I think that you will understand something from this answer, but not exactly, maybe it will help you somehow get an answer. Good luck

  71. Humanity exists-that's a fact. The meaning of humanity is to be “forever”, always,

    and to do this, we need to develop science, economy, culture, etc., etc. It doesn't mean ,

    that humanity will always be there, but we must strive for it with all our might, is the goal of humanity.

    There is a country, territory, region , city, village, or separate farmstead. Meaning of a country, region, or region,

    cities, villages, hamlets – to be forever, always… and to do this, you need to be able to protect the country, the region,

    make the city economically strong and culturally attractive – develop the economy,

    culture, – the best that is in this place, and if there is nothing, – create this best. The village,

    khutor – make it economically strong and culturally attractive for many people.

    Strive to make the country, region, region, city, village, hamlet at least the best in the world,

    no less. This does not mean that the country, territory, region, city, village, or hamlet will always be there,

    but we must strive for this with all our might, this is the goal.And then money will finally begin to play its real role,

    • a means to achieve a higher goal, and the person will become the master, not the slave of money.

    The person “You” are is a fact. The meaning of a person is to be forever, always in your offspring, “genes”,

    You will be “forever”, always, in your affairs (develop science, economy, art, etc.),

    in your thoughts(Your thoughts will help the other, the other and the other), thoughts,

    (a randomly thrown word that someone else needs at that moment…). This is THE GOAL.

  72. We can talk about the meaning in two ways. First, whether there is a meaning to life as such, the meaning of the existence of all collectively living beings on Earth. The second is whether there is a meaning of existence for each individual human life.

    Here again, there are two options. Does the questioner have in mind (1) some universal meaning originally prescribed for each person's life? Or (2)what is the unique meaning of my unique life?

    According to (1), we come to the idea of God and predestination. Stronger minds than ours have determined that man cannot comprehend God's predestination. So there is a meaning, but man cannot recognize it.

    According to (2) (for uncompromising atheists) – yes, set yourself what you want the meaning, they all have the same right to exist, there can be no mistake in principle.

    I recommend reading an interesting opinion: https://predanie.ru/book/216922-pisma/#/toc101 No. 310

  73. Become more perfect. When I do something, even if I can do it, I think about how I could have done it even better. When something has already been done, it can no longer be corrected, so it remains only to think again about improvements)) (you can even do the dishes better than someone else, or just walk in a crowd of people , creating harmony and order.)

  74. “I created the jinn and the humans only to be worshipped by Them. “(Qur'an, 51 Surahs < < Scattering> < Scattering>>, 56 ayat).

    The meaning of a person's life is to worship To the Most Merciful and Merciful Allah, may He be Exalted and Exalted.

    And may Allah guide all to the right path.

  75. What does the meaning of life mean? Each person has their own meaning in life. For me, it is to live decently without deception, with a conscience and with respect for people. Each person also has a goal that needs to be achieved, but not always everything turns out as we want, and we are trying hard every time we approach our dream, that is, the goal. A person should not just be that is exist but actually live!

  76. If I knew that the world would end tomorrow, I would plant a Martin Luther King tree today.
    This phrase provides the answer to this question. You need to create and create today .

  77. The meaning of life is to change lives and the world around you, and it does not matter significantly or slightly, grandiose or not grandiose, noticeable or not noticeable, for a person or for people, good or bad….. (A. B)

  78. The meaning of life on Earth is to change and become better. Finally notice all your logs in your eye and get rid of them. How to see these logs-watch the movie” Revolver ” by Guy Ritchie. Who and how will evaluate the changes-watch the episode in the variety show from the movie “The Master and Margarita”. Well, if you still manage to achieve a result, then what happened to the main characters of Bulgakov's work in the final scene of the novel will happen to you. I wish you good luck!

  79. First, the very word and definition of life is pure subjectivity, and there is no definite interpretation of it beyond this subjectivity of ours. Beyond any human imagination, just something happens, happens, transforms, transforms, changes, just processes occur. And they do not have any specific meanings, there are no goals that these processes should achieve, because then what … everything should freeze? stop happening? Think about it.

    It's just that everything happens in accordance with some laws… evolution, physical laws. It is given to man to know about it.

    So it is with the meaning of life. This is a purely subjective desire of a person to find some kind of certainty in the overall picture of being. Humanity just came up with something that is not in nature in the form of an abstract duty. However, there is no one who defines something for being as a whole, there is no master of being outside of being itself. There is a being in itself, decentralized, and laws that structure and subordinate in some way what happens in it.

    Therefore, both all thoughts about meanings and the meanings themselves come from our own subjective perception of life. Each of our movements is filled with personal meanings that have a purpose and importance for ourselves, as long as we can be aware of it.

  80. The meaning of your life is already laid down in you at birth (to have a goal(and to this goal you are guided by hormones, but sometimes they are helpless)). You can't do anything without a goal. No goal , no life.

  81. Each person has a different meaning of life. For example, for one to become an actor, and for another to fly to London to see the Eiffel Tower. You yourself need to find the meaning of life and strive for what you want

  82. The meaning of life is to find the end, and everyone has their own end. It is enough to find the end to find your meaning in life. This is not a reason to take a short path along the suecid sign. There are many difficulties in life, although you can live without them, without muddying your life and not distorting your fate. Time is life.

  83. The meaning of life is pleasure, which can take many forms. Helping others and doing good deeds often bring people pleasure, and daily satisfaction of our needs brings us pleasure. The pleasure can be different, it's not just food and sex. It is also an intellectual pleasure, the pleasure of feeling needed and self-important. It can be anything, and each person has something different. But in general, we all need rather the same thing.

  84. What does the meaning of life mean? Each person has their own meaning in life. For me, it is to live decently without deception, with a conscience and with respect for people. Each person also has a goal that needs to be achieved, but not always everything turns out as we want, and we are trying hard every time we approach our dream, that is, the goal. A person should not just be that is exist but actually live!

  85. the meaning of life is to achieve what many cannot be the most correct and do what is right (in short, to become the best in everything)

    good luck to you achieve it

  86. The meaning of life is to change lives and the world around you, and it does not matter significantly or slightly, grandiose or not grandiose, noticeable or not noticeable, for a person or for people, good or bad….. (A. B)

  87. In food, nature, money, freedom, peace, quiet, games, art, science, beauty, alpha males(real)

    solving your own problems

    in kotiki


    singing sessions

    in sports

    box office

    comfort and comfort


  88. The meaning of human life, like the meaning of a virus or a harmful bacterium, is to multiply and destroy everything around you. To eat and shit, to shit and eat. Everything that a person does is aimed at destroying the environment in which he himself is. The birth of each new person only brings closer the final poisoning of the earth, water and air. The meaning of life is: to consume and not to give.

  89. Yes, interesting hypotheses were certainly written. Of course, everyone has their own truth . We ask this question for only one reason . We cannot and do not want to admit that after life there can be nothing . And I think that's why we are looking for meaning in our same type of life . I think the meaning of life is not and there is a sense of time . Of course I also hope that I'm wrong but still . How do we differ from ants? There is a working class who have smsyl work. I think there is a class of troops ( I don't know exactly but I hope you understand the essence) that protect the queen . And there is the queen herself who gives orders and offspring . So ask the question how do we differ from them )

  90. The meaning of life is simple, it's emotions. Emotions from achieving a goal, emotions from an incident in a cafe, etc. We just need emotions. And of course, just survive in this world to experience a new emotion.

  91. The meaning of life is beyond human consciousness. And to try to find it with the help of your mind, analyzing the internal and external space, is a stupid idea. But many stubbornly do not want to admit this fact, and everyone repeats their point of view, ignoring common sense and logic.
    If a person creates a complex device, isn't it reasonable to ask its creator why he invented it? An intelligent creature has an intelligent Creator. This is a fact. The same fact that a watch has a watchmaker. In our time, it is a fact that people ignore the facts. Therefore, if we do not recognize the simple fact that we have a Creator who knows exactly the answer to this question why he created us, a person will live in ignorance all his life. Think about it. The truth is near.

  92. And everything is simple. Objectively, it doesn't make sense.

    But it is more correct to say this – the meaning is simply not provided. And, based on this, it remains simply to accept the fact that life is given to us simply in order to enjoy it. And what you will call “the meaning of your life” while living and enjoying is secondary and transitory. And generally not worth paying attention to:)

    The starting point of any journey (including a life – long one) is the desire to go on a journey (even for beer in a stall, even for the dragon's head). And the pleasure will not be long in coming.

    Then the questions disappear – when you live and rejoice.

  93. A global issue really.As you can see from the comments, everyone has their own opinion, but they talk about material things.Since the issue is global, it should be considered from a very high point of view.Just as an engineer can see what kind of gasoline and oil to put in a car he made,the creator of man,God,can see what we need to do best for a good life now and in the future.In the word of God-the Bible, he conveys instructions, commandments, and principles to people.But why submit to God?The Bible reveals the answer: “The righteous will inherit the earth and live in it forever.”(Psalm 36: 29)A righteous person is one who fulfills the will of God.What will happen to the world?The answer is found in 1 John 2: 17: “And the world passes away,and its lust; but he who does the will of God abides forever.”As you can see, the key to salvation is to do God's will.To find out what it is, you must first get acquainted with God himself.

  94. The meaning of life is inspiration.

    To begin with: live so that every Today is better than Yesterday.

    • And how “so” to live something ?

    if there is a community of people who say: “inspiration is the main thing for me,” and each of them tries to improve everyone's mood…”Blanket ” everyone pulls not on themselves, but on Their own, and, therefore, everyone believes everyone and everyone-for everyone. When there are a hundred of them, they will be able to do almost everything, and when there are a thousand of them, it will be difficult to find a problem ( including a personal one) that they could not solve.

    This is a different life, a life in a different civilization that very few of us have ever been to.

    And life becomes MEANINGFUL.

    to view the entire text, follow the link in my profile

  95. for everyone, the meaning of life is different. for someone to draw pictures,for someone to save people in hospitals, and for someone to teach children. Each of us is unique, and you will not be able to understand what the meaning of your life is until you find your place in life💗

  96. Biological life itself is a small manifestation of the infinite manifestations of the universe, man is a part of biological life, and therefore a part of the universe, so the answer to the question of the “meaning of life” must be sought in the “meaning of the universe”, otherwise neither how, otherwise hereditary princes and hereditary goldsmiths.

  97. The first option

    The Bible clearly states that in this short life of sin, you can find your way to eternal life in paradise. That's the whole point.

    Second option

    “Meaning” is a non-existent concept because it does not exist as an object in space-time, but it is too difficult to explain, the semantics of the language does not allow it.

  98. The meaning of life is just a question, but what is behind this popular question ? The desire to have fun, in one sense or another.

    Let me explain, first of all, a person asks about the meaning when he is simply bored, when there is nothing to do and when current affairs are easy, for example, after 5 years of working in one place.

    Secondly, by the meaning of life, everyone subconsciously means getting pleasure in the form of dopamine, something that will cause more pleasure, then a person will choose the “meaning of life”, and then it will become commonplace and the question “what is the meaning”will be asked again,

    Do not be deceived, we miss and suffer in this world from loneliness and idleness.

    Just live, just find something that will bring a little joy!

    And leave all this heresy about the meaning of life and purpose to the infotsigans, we are just dopamine addicts, nothing more.

  99. Imagine the bacteria living in our face, we are just like them, only on earth, understand what I mean? For everyone, time flies in its own way, for a person 4 days is nothing, but an insect that lives for 4 days, perhaps this time lasts for them like a whole century. Perhaps we are also in some kind of body and live for a moment, but it seems like an eternity.

    If you compare us to animals, you will agree that we are more intelligent, but there are also creatures that are more intelligent than us, but we do not know this yet.

    Conclusion: The point of just pumping your hero(yourself) in all senses ?

  100. Well, in general, there are two components


    In fact, there is no meaning in life…. mda … here…….and so……


    the meaning of life is to pass all the tests that life has presented to you and remain a reasonable and fully functioning person.

  101. Everything in our life happens for a reason

    In everything there is a plan and providence of God

    Live, love, create

    And you're not chasing anyone

    Be content with everything you have

    And never regret it

    And do mercy without a second thought

    And there will also be a holiday on your street!

    God sees everything, and remember: God creates miracles through the hands of PEOPLE!!


    Author: me

  102. Personally, for me, the meaning of life is only if life is eternal. It also doesn't make sense for me to grieve for the dead. There is no meaning to life for me

  103. The meaning of life is in life itself! And of course, everyone is looking for their own in it.
    I wish everyone to spend their lives not in search of meaning, but to spend the time given by fate with benefit and pleasure for themselves or others)
    If you've made at least one person happy in your life, or if you've been able to help someone, it might just make you feel better in a difficult moment, or improve something… Even if at least once, then your life is already meaningful, you may have eaten it a little, but better.

  104. I've been searching for the meaning of life for a long time. I've been thinking a lot. More than one year. At first I thought it was money, a car, a nice house. But of course this is ash, not meaning. This can't possibly be the meaning of life. Then I thought they were kids. But this is also a mistake. You can't sacrifice your life to others, even if they are your children. They have their own lives. And they will live it as they see fit. And then I realized. There are only two meanings in life. The first is self-development and self-improvement. Not in order to earn more money, but to learn new things, to comprehend the still unknown. And the second is travel. We haven't been here very long. And you need to admire the beauty of this world, both natural and man-made. I have found the meaning of life for myself, and I wish you the same.

  105. Everyone sooner or later thinks about this question, in one form or another: What is the meaning of being? Why do I live? How to live properly?

    Even if a person tells you that they haven't thought about it, don't believe it, it's just that this person has already decided for himself what his meaning is and forgotten it.

    And why do some people lose or lose the meaning of life? You've met such people in movies, in books, and in real life. A person loved something or someone, and when it disappeared, the meaning of living disappears. Life has become meaningless. A tragedy. Hence the meaning of a person's life is in the goal of life, in moving towards this goal, in achieving this goal.

    And if so, then the person who set himself the goal of buying pants or a dress, a car or an apartment. a dacha or a mansion-having reached these pants-loses the meaning for which it is worth living, so tomorrow you need to come up with a new goal and a new meaning of life – such a person will exchange his whole life for small things.

    Ask a hungry homeless person-what is the meaning of life and he will answer – I would like a crust of bread.

    Ask a terminally ill person and they will say I want to live and not get sick.

    Ask a slave or a prisoner in prison , and he will say I want to be released.

    So if the meaning of life is in the goal – and we can choose the goal of life ourselves, then you should choose the goal of life at the limit of visibility as the horizon, and go all your life to this goal as the horizon – and even if you do not achieve your goal-then dying, you will involuntarily look back on your life and see that you And you will be relieved to say that I did not live in vain. And it will be easier to die!

  106. I think the meaning of life is to live it with maximum benefit for yourself, for your family and friends, for God and the state. So it's a day's work and an hour's fun. And time for an hour before going to bed to remember what happened today and plan for tomorrow.

  107. I've also asked myself this question before.(which made me a little sad)
    I didn't want to do anything. Clean yourself up, go outside. Doesn't that make sense? We just exist. And everything. That is, it would be one thing if our existence was intended for something, aimed at something.
    And at one point I thought about it and found the answer to this question(for myself)
    Thanks to our existence, the world is improving. I don't know how to convey my thoughts correctly, but thanks to us, everything is developing. That is, if we do something(make up, dress up, talk, promote), then our world becomes something definite. We exist so that people from the future have a template(we).
    It's sad, of course, that I'm just a speck of dust in this world, and nothing depends on me, without a lot of people, but to some extent this is a plus…?

  108. The meaning of human life is contained in the progressive development of consciousness (i.e., spirit), from the vain — chaotic, i.e., from the material-monetary-carnal (i.e., evil-bearing), i.e., from the old — Adam (who does not listen to the primary Truth) and always falling (i.e., sinning-vicious), and thereby, corruptible, i.e., temporary, i.e., earthly — mortal; from man (only within the framework of the age, living) not perfect, and therefore, for everything (in the Truth of Good) — evil and harmful, in a balanced-regulated consciousness, Angelically spiritually developed — heavenly; from evil (earthly) material-monetary-carnal values (in desires, in thoughts and in deeds), that is, from sin and death — Resurrected, and, consequently, in Truth and Truth renewed — new, thereby — pure (Harmonious), eternally living, i.e. in contrast to a person (with a brow, living for a century) — human (i.e. with a brow, i.e. with a forehead, brains, mind, consciousness, spirit — eternal), and therefore — perfect, and, consequently (pure, from all forms and manifestations of evil) — Holy, in the Arms and Chambers of the King of the Universal World — ripe.

    Quote from the book: “Under the caring hand of the Creator” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLsQz536zLg/https://ridero.ru/books/pod_zabotlivoi_rukoi_tvorca .

  109. The meaning of life is to live. No matter what, no matter who, just live. You can do whatever you want, create whatever you want. And if you are looking for an answer to this question. Then in my opinion, you are just very relaxed or do not know what to do with yourself. Unfortunately, life is so short and it is better to occupy yourself with something and thereby invent your own meaning of life. It was purely my opinion about this question…

  110. For me personally, the meaning of life is to change the world for the better.Even now I feed cats and pigeons, if I see that a person dropped a candy wrapper or deliberately threw it on the ground, and not in the trash, then I force or throw it where I need it, when I see children fighting or when someone offends someone, I approach and help to understand(with words) I find a compromise.
    This may seem like something small and not worthy of the title “the meaning of life”, but I'm just starting out and at least doing something useful.I am 14 years old and have my whole life ahead of me.I believe that I can do a lot of good things and I believe in myself and only in my own strength.As they say, everything starts with you!

  111. Lol. Why should it even make sense? Meaning is something immaterial. The property that a person attributes to something and depends on the information that the person who attributes the meaning himself has. I.e. From an objective point of view, there is no sense, but not in life, but in general in principle.

  112. The precious gift of life given by Allah has its own meaning. The birth and passing of a person from life often become a reason to think about it. Muslims believe that the meaning of a person's life is to consciously worship the Almighty Allah. A person's desire for a good life and the creation of a happy family deserves understanding and respect.Islam does not guarantee a person a life without suffering, but it helps them to survive with dignity. People cannot live a life without grief, problems and difficulties.

  113. The meaning of life is sincere love. Love each other, enjoy every moment spent together. Live according to your conscience, do good deeds, help those in need, and you will be happy.

  114. The meaning of each individual's life is to develop yourself, your inner human being. We come to this world to study. A person studies not only at school or university, but all human life is a study. Only this is not quite a study in the usual human sense. This is not the accumulation of knowledge, not the accumulation of information, because information does not affect our inner being and is easily lost over time. The goal of human life is to develop inner qualities that stay with us forever.
    The main one is mindfulness. For example, people can't control their thinking. Your mind is constantly thinking on its own, and you don't control it in the same way that you control your hands, feet, or speech. That is, on the material plane, you have complete control over your body, your legs and hands do what you want and when you want, but your organ on the non-material plane, the mind, does what it wants and not only do you not control it, you DO NOT NOTICE what your mind is doing. It is very important. Here I have shown you a very specific direction of your development, where you are not perfect and what can be a worthy life goal. As far as I know, we are born here precisely because, given our current level of development, it is this world that gives us the necessary conditions for development. That is, we cannot learn (i.e. develop) without being born into this world.
    In addition to mindfulness, human life also promotes development in other aspects. For example, it develops intelligence, perhaps musical and artistic abilities. Something else (I don't know yet).
    Also, life has other side goals besides human development. For example, this goal is that a person should receive the karma due to him from previous incarnations.
    If you want to ask what is the criterion that you have truly and completely become developed and you really have nothing to do in this world, then I will answer you. This criterion is causeless happiness, bliss. When your being is fully developed (at the level of our world), you will become a very happy person, happy forever. You will be filled with peace and happiness for no reason whatsoever. You will not be tormented by any questions or reflections, but you will radiate love and peace. Not fake, but real. Nothing will be able to disturb you, you will become inaccessible to all the problems of this world. You will find your home. If it is easier for you to understand, then we can roughly assume that you will become like Christ. Even if they want to kill you, you will bless the killers. That's the meaning of a person's life.

  115. The meaning of life is in development and self-improvement. Children, work, tree, house-need development; soul, experience, good deeds-signs of self-improvement. Therefore, it makes no sense to be depressed because of the search for the meaning of life – you just need to look everywhere for opportunities for development and self-improvement. Good luck!

  116. The answer to this question is very simple. We are here to experience our own creation. All this is what we have created. The point of it is that it gives us the last place in this universe that we need to experience before we finish school and return to our real selves. Why do you think that the conditions of the system are so cruel and satanic? This is done on purpose. We wanted the most difficult challenge to be at the very end.

    At a lower level, we really move through space, like an atom around their nucleus. Knowing that we are the strongest and oldest souls in the youngest form-humanity.

    Just grab a large popcorn, chill it, and enjoy the ride. Do what you think is right and forget all external noise. It's just a show.

    Human consciousness is what separates us from psychopaths.

  117. As with all other organisms on earth, the meaning of life lies in the transmission of genetic information, it is important to leave your competitive offspring or the offspring of your flock, herd, or social group. Everything else follows from this rule. It is important to seize enough power and resources to ensure the survival and development of offspring, to develop yourself to gain a competitive advantage. Happiness, on the other hand, is a byproduct of your body telling you that you're doing the right thing and rewarding you with a dose of endorphin. Of course, there may also be failures when a person or other organism loses the desire for procreation, but such organisms are cleaned out for natural reasons and they are replaced by those whose desire and fitness turned out to be better.

  118. When we ask about the meaning of something, we assume that it does not exist for itself, but only to achieve some goal. Let's say we found this target. Then we'll also ask what we found: “What's this for?” Such a search could go on for a long time, until we find the last and final target. How does it differ from the previous ones? Only that it is no longer a means to achieve anything. In other words, this goal has no purpose or meaning. Thus, we come to the conclusion that the meaning of existence is the achievement of a state in which there will no longer be a washout. So, the meaning of life is nothing but meaninglessness.

    Well, how do you like this answer?

  119. You have to find it yourself. Each person has a different meaning of life, someone aspires to a strong family, and another wants to make a lot of capital. If you meant in general the meaning of life of all people on earth, I think that it does not exist in the world, it is different for everyone.

  120. I've been tormenting myself with this question for the last 5-7 years… I still haven't found an answer. This causes depression.
    Yes, you can come up with a goal, a meaning, but this does not mean that you yourself in your heart will believe in it. You can't fool yourself. Life is complicated and full of contradictions, so to be honest, I feel very sorry for people. If you turn to religion, then the answer “live for God and people”, as I once tried, does NOT INSPIRE me.
    In general, goodbye joy, hello antidepressants.

  121. The meaning of life is to find the meaning of life.)
    Everyone decides for themselves why to live, what goals to achieve. There can be no universal answer. Someone lives for the sake of children, for someone the main thing is their own creativity, and someone else is just looking for their own meaning in life.

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