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  1. I am an Orthodox believer. Therefore, I believe in the Kingdom of God – a kind of spirit-matter, the next form of being after this one. This supermaterial will no longer be created by God, but by God-manhood, the Body of Christ (the 2nd coming, Armageddon, and so on). That's when the human mind is needed. And science, once merged with religion, will be the vehicle for this mission. But so far, the mind is more difficult to comprehend all this. Missing it. Only the spiritual insights of the saints. But science is also digging towards the junction with the Creator. In general, something interesting is coming up.

  2. I believe that the point is in progress. Progress allows you to treat diseases and explore distant stars, in the future to find another home in addition to Earth. There are millards of stars in the universe, but the appearance of intelligent life is so rare! We need to preserve humanity as a species and explore the universe) And in millions of years the sun will increase in size and devour the Earth, before that point we need to have time to find another home. That's the point, in my opinion: to preserve humanity as a species, explore the universe and find more and more ways to make life easier for people)

  3. This is an amazing property of human consciousness – to find some meaning everywhere and in everything)). Man is a THINKING living being, so he cannot exist without meanings and without meanings. Moreover, he does not always realize that the meanings produced are sometimes illusory and very subjective, being predetermined by the FRAMEWORK of his own consciousness – the level of his development, erudition, self-reflection, the presence of intuition and a lot of factors that determine this person. If we consider the question posed in all its dimensions, then we shift to the sphere of philosophizing and extreme theoretical abstractions. Indeed, why did man appear in the arena of world events? What is its evolutionary challenge? And is there any sense in existence (and development!) Earth's civilization? The answers to these questions are quite rational. 1) man appeared as a consequence of the intellectualization of living (biological) terrestrial matter (previously, even before the appearance of Darwinian theory, such a process was designated as cephalization by J. R. R. Tolkien).Given). 2) Its main evolutionary task (and meaning and purpose) is to create the prerequisites for a qualitatively new form of matter, where the trend of intellectualization will also be traced. This is already happening – a vast, complex artificial world – the technosphere-has been formed. In which intelligent machines take the lead – today computers, and tomorrow artificial intelligence. But this is not the limit of development, because artificial intelligence has all the prerequisites to move to an even higher form-artificial consciousness, with a change in its carrier from technogenic (artificial inorganic matter) to immaterial – information-energy or field. But even there the story does not end: for evolution has no beginning, evolution has no end)).

  4. The solar system is the life support system of the universe. The Universe is the Supreme Intelligence. And the Mind is the result of the work of the Brain, which is located in the head of a person. Thus, a person is a carrier of the Brain, and the Universe is a carrier of the Mind. Brain and Mind are inseparable.

  5. None, however, as in the existence of the planet Earth itself and everything else. The meaning can only be made up. For a reasonable person, this is usually to find your vocation and follow it to your heart's content. Those who have not found a vocation, plug this “hole” with what they have to: bad habits, promiscuity, and other entertainment. Then there is religion, esotericism, and occultism, which postpone the meaning of life until later: they say, if we die , we will see. Then there's politics, war, sports, and show business.

  6. Hello, George.

    If one adheres to materialistic views, then there is no meaning in man, in nature, or in the world in general. A person is a soap bubble. The bubble shimmers with different colors – a unique personality. The bubble has burst – there is no more personality. But the soapy water is still there! New bubbles will appear. This is how matter foams, like glass in a kaleidoscope, without any meaning.

    Meaning is generally an illusion invented by man. And who is he? A soap bubble. It will die, and all its meanings will disappear. And meaningless matter will continue to seethe itself, generating new entities and personalities, which will also then burst.

    In general, consciousness for the materialist is a fiction. Cognition is a reflection of reality. The mirror, therefore, sees by sending us a reflection, and the wall of the house hears, it sends an echo from the sound that it “heard”.

    Man is like a clock. Shestirenki rotate under the action of springs, like the clock seems to think, show the time, “know” the time.

    Do you think the robot feels anything? Is he alive?” So we are all (from the point of view of materialism) robots. The physical level of being has grown to the biological level, then to the social level, and in general, all these are the same atoms that hit each other and pretend that this whole machine consisting of them is a living, intelligent being. A man died. Feel sorry for him? We (bubbles) are sorry. And the atoms? They're still here! Nothing. Other people are different. As Choi sang: “Red,red blood! In an hour, it's just earth, in two it has flowers and grass on it, in three it's alive again and warmed by the rays of a star called the Sun.”..

    If we believe in the Creator, then we believe that the world is not created in vain and we are not bubbles, He needs us, He loves us. He also created the earth for us. So we do not live in vain, if we live according to His commandments. After this temporary life, there will be another, eternal one. And this life is a test of loyalty and love: someone is worthy to be with God in His Kingdom, and someone in the landfill to burn like a bubble…

    It's only hard to be a human being, not a bubble. As Valery Meladze sang: “it is better to live like white moths and fly not far from the ground without melancholy.” So weak people come up with fairy tales about moths and meaningless matter. After all, they would rather disappear altogether than burn in hell for all eternity. But this does not depend on the person, but it really is. And hiding in the sand will not help, everyone will stand up to God for judgment and get their own things. So it is better to try, and not to believe in fairy tales, while there is time.

  7. After reading the comments on this question, I even felt offended for the “reasonable person”.Does everyone really think that the universe is limited to the”outskirts” of the solar system and the presence of the”navel” of the Universe-MAN?In reality, WE are still so unintelligent that WE are not able to realize our place in the Universe,where there is nothing superfluous,where everything is interconnected and intelligently arranged,where everything is alive,spiritualized and EVOLVING. Our Earth is a “cog”in the big mechanism of the universe,and people were once needed for the Earth as energy converters, intermediaries between the planet and the Highest Hierarchs.Whatever a Person does, he transforms ENERGY: through the chemistry of digestion, through movement, through emotions and feelings, through thinking and inspiration, through FAITH. A person is far from being able to comprehend everything in the structure of the entire Universe,but HE is no longer primitive,as in Biblical times,and is able to comprehend and realize a lot. AT LEAST YOUR EARTHLY WORLD. KNOWLEDGE is ALREADY on the Ground, study it! They are transmitted through people who can receive powerful information packets.Relevant knowledge has always been given to people in crucial times,such as NOW, during the change of EPOCHS(civilizations).Authors:Seklitova L. A. and Strelnikova L. L.

  8. Life is a chance for development. Only man has received from God full freedom to choose between good and evil. The consequence of this is the theoretical possibility for each person to develop to the level of the Creator himself. This is what God wanted when He created us.

  9. Our planet is an intelligent being that surpasses man in its level of development by thousands of times (simply incomparable).One of the basic Laws of the Universe for LIVING BEINGS,PROCESSES,SYSTEMS is DEVELOPMENT, EVOLUTION, otherwise-destruction,death.Our soul is an eternal (spiritualized,therefore-living) structure and must develop constantly and this is a Law for a person. And the Human form is also a powerful converter of all kinds of energies.So, for the Earth at a certain stage of development, such a converter was needed, an intermediary between the planet and Higher Systems,capable of thinking and producing spiritual energies.Unfortunately, humanity has not gone well with SPIRITUALITY for a long time,but attempts to reason with people do not stop now.The Bible didn't do very well,but now they gave us KNOWLEDGE,already relying on some kind of intelligence.According to the program,the planet has changed its orbital(energy level), and lagging Humanity will be forced to change its obscene habits in order to match the increased energy of space.THE PROCESS HAS BEGUN…

  10. I think, so I live…. Plant a tree, raise a son/daughter, build a house, help your neighbors-I quote the classics. By doing this, try to make the world a kinder place – this is hard but noble work. All our movement is energy, and we can assume that our task is to apply energy to something. Some kill, others protect and raise… Someone creates, someone destroys… A person's time is expended, but deeds remain as evidence of what the energy entrusted by God(the creator) was spent on. Then what? For lack of knowledge, I consider it reasonable to adhere to the requests of the most common religion. Whatever we do, we are in a connected system and influence each other: physically or mentally. We didn't create the universe and the Earth, so we can't understand the true meaning… but I'm sure there is one.

  11. The point is to find that very meaning. And this means, according to Buddhist, Christian Teachers and many secular thinkers (Leo Tolstoy, for example), to find something that does not die with the body. In different sources, it is called differently. Without claiming to be completely accurate, I would call this a basic perceptual ability. After all, we perceive not only signals from the senses, but also thoughts, images, and states of mind. And much of what is perceived is not directly related to any material processes. So we will unite with an infinite field of events and meanings. (However, then there can no longer be any “I”):)

  12. The meaning of the existence of each individual person lies in the only function-to reproduce, passing on genetic material to descendants. All the other aspects that seem significant to us serve only to brighten up the gaps between acts of reproduction.

    Human free will is a myth invented by man himself in the process of evolution. In fact, a person is in a strict framework of rules that he is not only unable to break, he is unable to even want to do it. A person cannot stop wanting to reproduce – this is beyond their competence. A person is not able to stop wanting to breathe, eat, drink, etc., because these are basic instincts that stem from the main instinct – reproduction. Anything that might interfere with our species ' mission is forbidden.

    But a person is the bottom floor of the hierarchy of meanings. The next floor is humanity as a species. The meaning of humanity's existence is no longer so obvious. Here, it seems to me, there are two possible options::

    1. Reproduction for the purpose of subsequent settlement in the universe together with the species that have withstood evolutionary processes.
    2. Reproduction in order to maintain the population level in the occupied ecological niche.�

    There may be other, less realistic meanings of human existence, but this is closer to the genre of science fiction. We can also not exclude meanings that lie beyond our ability to understand them. This version is supported by the fact that a person is currently not able to reproduce life independently, transforming the inanimate into the living. Although science has a generally accepted point of view about the spontaneity of the emergence of life on Earth as a result of a series of random processes, the matter did not go further than kosyachny experiments on obtaining amino acids.�

    This does not necessarily mean that life is the work of some higher intelligence, no. For example, life could have been born as a result of these very random processes on another planet with much more favorable conditions for its appearance, and only then it was abandoned on our planet. Whether it was a meteorite or a civilization whose footsteps we are following now is unknown, and it doesn't matter. The fact that this is possible is important.

    So, I suggest you relax and enjoy the learning process.

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