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  1. There is a possibility that in the future they will invent a way to completely digitize people's minds.

    That's how Topher came up in the TV series Dollhouse. People's consciousnesses were stored on media, and it was possible to download any consciousness into the brain of any person, adapt � – and ok, and then back to the carrier. You could have copied it, but that would have destroyed the integrity of the original.

    First, they would invent such media and, possibly, avatars (and why not), and then they would invent a virtual space where people's minds could be uploaded so that they could live there, possibly forever.

    These spaces will multiply and expand, and in the future they will become autonomous and self-sufficient (i.e., independent of the Earth's computing machines).

    Criminals will be punished: to return consciousness to the carrier for the duration of the term (a kind of imprisonment), or complete destruction of consciousness in order to release the extra carriers.

    Such are the cases, I report from the 24th century, everything is exactly like that.
    Fuck it, I'll be back at 21…

  2. It is already vulgar and depressing to ask such platitudes. If you want to philosophize in full growth with a delay, then ask them to prove that people already do not live in virtual reality created by their rather primitive sense organs that feed on protein robots. Now there is just a normal process of improving the receptors and replacing protein robots with slightly more resistant to external factors.

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