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  1. Even during life, a person participates in the cycle of matter in nature, after death nothing changes, just all the substance that makes up a person will flow completely into this cycle, first of all water and carbon, and other elements will become minerals.

    The substance will remain on Earth, except for a small amount that constantly evaporates from the upper atmosphere.

    The same applies to energy, since internal energy is the energy of motion of the atoms of matter (we will not consider nuclear processes).

  2. We are already in this shelter. We haven't left it for a minute yet. All the matter and energy that make up us belong to this cosmos.

    We (each of us) are made up of stuff born from the stars. At the moment, this substance is in an amazing state, which is called alive, when the ensemble of all chemical reactions is embedded in the chemical reactions of the inanimate substance of the planet. A living person constantly flows into a single stream of life on the planet: for example, he spends the energy of chemical bonds of some substances on the synthesis of ATP, then spends the energy stored in ATP on other chemical reactions.

    All this, all this balance, falls apart with the end of an individual's life. But the energy was built into the life of the Earth, and it remains there.

    On the scale of the universe, all this life occurs in such an insignificant volume and for such a short time that you can't even see the movement of it. And here the word “shelter” also takes on a punning meaning. Life “stuck” somewhere in one blue point, and the remnants of it can be scattered in the future during the heat death of the Universe, or even during the “Big Gap”.

  3. The main energy that controls the life of an individual person is Brain energy. The energies of the other organs that make up the human body are desire energies that are part of the Brain's energy and cause it to activate. But, since the Brain is an immortal extraterrestrial organ of Death and a particle of God, it suppresses other energies and is purified to the zero state of cold Light, leaves the Universe we see and unites with all the Light of God, in which our Universe is located. That is, our Brain energy goes to rest, to rest, to sleep. It is no longer active in any way, but only preserves the universe. And all that we see in it is the general brain activity and memory of all living humanity.

  4. The probability is one hundred percent if you think positively, love people and admire nature. If there was a lot of negativity, you need to repent of it and your consciousness will align to connect to the general flow.

  5. In the beginning, you need to decide what kind of energy we are talking about. The so-called “human energy” is not homogeneous. It is a complex of interrelated energies that are transformed in the process of interaction. For simplicity, we can roughly distinguish two types of energy. The first type is conventionally the energy of chemical bonds. The second type is psychic energy or energy associated with information. You can use other names, but the essence of the matter does not change. Energy cannot be permanently destroyed, just as information cannot be destroyed. However, energy and information can have different states, and subsequent states in time can block the previous ones, which from the point of view of our perception can be regarded as death. Energy in its relationship with information is working energy. Energy that is not bound by work begins to dissipate (transforming in its states). Life is only one part, kind or form of existence associated with being in the density of space-time. The energy of the universe is conditionally differentiated by penetrating into regions of space of different densities. Light becomes color, sound, electricity, magnetism, and so on. From the total energy of the universe, a certain area is allocated, looped on itself, as if you imagine the number 8. From the boundless greater, the limited lesser is born, which is the basis of individuality. Within this domain, the movement of energy in the transformation process is determined, that is, the alternation of its states (time). Chemical energy in the course of its work carries out cyclic reproductions of certain states, which are the basis for the so-called biological life. If these repetitive phases of self-reproduction are interrupted, what people call death occurs. But this applies to the cycles of repetition of chemical energy and, accordingly, the biological carrier, the physical body of a person. Then the intensity of the oscillation phases drops to zero and the elements are transformed into primary energy, which is inextricably linked with the energy of the universe. As for the so-called psychic energy, which determines the moment of self-awareness, the situation is similar. The only difference is that the physical medium is a conductor of fields of a certain intensity in a certain area (density) of space. The physical brain is the receiver and transmitter, but not the source of the entire totality of consciousness (the source of only a part). In other words, it borrows what already exists, transforms and supplements it, but does not create it independently. A part of consciousness is actually generated by the brain and assigned to it, and also dies with it. At the same time, the very moment of Self-awareness as an individual shifts to the time-space domain (an invertive model of the space-time continuum). If the experience experienced in the objective world allows you to preserve your individuality in fields of greater tension, then this individuality is preserved until the next incarnation (a cycle of energy fluctuations). If the experience you have experienced does not allow you to retain the moment of awareness of your Self as an individual, then it will dissolve into a reasonable infinity. Thus, individuality, as one of the forms of mastered knowledge about one's true Self, is a developed characteristic as a result of experiencing the experience of being in the objective world of space-time.

  6. Hello. What is meant by human energy, if it is the energy of atomic and sub-atomic particles, then it will merge into a single energy of the universe. What was born from sub-atomic particles of atoms and molecules and, accordingly, orders of magnitude higher, then will disintegrate into dust in the universe into the same particles, over time they can also re-arganize again and new matter can occur again if some gravitational shift occurs near these particles.

  7. Yes, there is a possibility that the life energy after the death of a person goes into the life stream of the Universe! I believe that nothing just ends and disappears…

  8. I will support the answer option, which is 100% likely ))

    After all, human energy cannot escape anywhere, except into the universe.

    As for the single stream of life in the universe, this must first be proved. And then think about whether there are billions of consciousnesses of dying old men and women in senile senility and with dementia, faith in God and the dream of living in the image of a slave under the great Leader?

  9. The universe doesn't care about snet. It is an empty, cold, lifeless, dark, endless place. A beam of quasars shines for tens of kiloparsecs, and all this distance is not filled with anything. Life may be somewhere, of course, but the percentage of ogranic matter is not enough in comparison with inorganic matter. At the same time, most of space is extremely sparse, and in general there are a few specks of matter there. There is no correlation between a person's consciousness, his insignificant experiences, even if he imagines himself Dostoevsky, and cosmic processes. If there was such a connection, the universe would have long ago failed, and exploded from the degree of suffering, madness, hatred,drunks, madhouses, inadequacies, wars, killing animals and their own kind, and other things that a person translates as a primate. But this does not happen, the universe feels quite good. Don't be selfish and don't personify your feelings and experiences. Recognize that in reality, all your experiences have no meaning, and for the mighty Universe is not even zilch, but simply nothing. Is it getting sad? Romantic tea is not the same already? isn't it better to be realistic? The world does not exist to meet our childhood expectations. On the contrary, our task is to subordinate feelings and expectations to objective observations. There is no human energy, there is reincarnation in another form, becoming, dwelling. In the next life passes something like a short scan of your mind, an informational image, like a print taken from you, it is not a soul or energy. There is no such thing at all.

  10. When a person dies, his body will cool down, that is, it will give its energy to the environment. And when the Sun turns into a red giant in a few billion years, incinerating the surface of the Earth, and then explodes, turning into a white dwarf and destroying the Earth, then the remnants of the Earth along with the body of a deceased person will become the building material for new stars and planets somewhere in the Universe.

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