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  1. “The voice of the heart” is a metaphor associated with the peculiarities of our visual perception of ourselves.

    We perceive ourselves as a ” person without a head.” Take a look at yourself: You can see the chest, thighs, arms, legs. You can't see your head, of course.

    Therefore, the” I ” of a person is involuntarily localized by him in the area that he first sees when looking at himself: in the chest. If the child is asked “Show me”, he will point to the chest and poke his finger ) Although it is more logical, of course, to associate yourself with the head, in which the only command center is located-the brain.�

    “Inner Self” is a meaningless term from esotericism. The” I “is only internal – there is no” I ” anywhere outside of you)�

    Even worse: these “I's” inside you are like the dresses in the wardrobe of the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna: five pieces a day… And each of them speaks in a different voice, interrupting each other) �

    To understand how these voices arise, which ones to listen to, and why, is to understand the mechanics of your own thinking and how the brain works. It helps you live and make decisions. In coaching, I teach this, so please contact us.

  2. This is a reflection of the inner emotional world, but the center itself is not in the heart. He is not always right. If every premonition is given meaning. then it will be impossible to live. Well reflects the right attitude in this aspect quote-a person should be with a cold mind and a warm heart. It is in the sequence where the mind comes first. and then only feelings.

  3. Who else can better understand the voice of their heart? Our body is closely connected with the soul, so we get hints from the “inner Self” When solving difficult situations, you should definitely listen, because who besides us understands us better.

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