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  1. I offer my own version of the answer. Christ is God. You may not believe in Him, but people can't kill him of their own free will. The public self-destruction of God, coupled with suffering and humiliation, was a SACRED SACRIFICE. To whom? – People. Offering a sacrifice to someone is the sacralization of that someone. GOD has SACRALIZED PEOPLE, made them equal to Himself. Saved. (salvation is the realization of the potential omnipotence that people feel)

    Protestants believe that this happened all at once. Orthodox and Catholics continue to participate effectively in the Crucifixion at every Divine Liturgy, thereby drawing closer to God. At the same time, the crucifixion is mysteriously performed by God himself, sacralizing people.

    I note that the sacralization of people is a sooooooooooooo complicated matter. We must understand that CHRISTIANITY IS NOT DEIFICATION , BUT DEIFICATION OF PEOPLE. It's not ” Wow! I am a goddess!”, and the merging of man with God is “my consciousness completely coincides with the Consciousness of God. And yet I REMAIN A FREE PERSON! ” How is this possible?”people don't understand. This state is reached only by saints. This is why it is so difficult to understand the meaning of the Crucifixion.

  2. “Crucifixion” is just a certain method of execution that was common FOR THAT (relatively short) time. It is not surprising that the myth of the deity being killed and resurrected, and thus saving and renewing the world, was associated with this type of execution, which was widespread at that time and in that environment.

  3. Christ was sent to Earth to remind people of a forgotten and distorted truth. The people did not accept it and crucified the Son of God. It didn't make any sense, but Christ honestly walked the path of man to the end. But with his resurrection, he proved that he is not just a tramp, not an ordinary person. Therefore, his teaching began to gain more and more supporters.

  4. Oh yeah . you have an interesting question . And you know why, because Christ told the disciples about enlightenment and freedom , and they killed him for his actions and such beautiful teachings and conversations . And the subconscious mind knows what it thinks, thinks that if he goes on this path, then he will also be killed for it, and then he will be resurrected or not remains in doubt, so it is easier for him in everyday life to be under the control of controllers. I hope you understand . The path of Christ leads to enlightenment very quickly and briefly ! but no one will tell you anything about this if you are a full-fledged person with a soul like Christ ! it was nice

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