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  1. And who can know the answer to this question? Yes, no one! I've read fifty answers on this topic, but no one knows the answer… including those who wrote this amendment! I repeat – no one!… except for me! Only I know the answer to this question!
    So, we turn on our brains, let's go…
    The answer to this question lies in the answer to another question: why do people in Europe walk normally, like people, and in Australia they walk upside down? Obviously, because there people, whether they want to or not, are FORCED to obey the law of universal gravitation. In Europe, this law does not apply, no one knows about it, that's why a lot of smart people have divorced who act on a whim: let's write an amendment to the constitution, and then we'll see what happens. They wrote it, but now there's nowhere to go, let's figure it out. So there is a God. Now God needs religions, believers and everyone who believes in everything. Everyone seems to agree that God is one, but everyone believes in their own. What should I do? Where is the rule that can unite all faiths. Yes, here it is: the true GOD is the totality of an infinite number of objective laws. These laws permeate absolutely everything, including human relationships. For example, it is impossible to show skating like Plushenko for the first time. You must first learn to just stand on them, then shed a hundred sweats, show skating for 1 point, two, three, etc. And it is impossible to achieve high results without following a strict regime, diet, etc., which is also strictly subject to objective laws.
    Tell us in which Bible, Koran and other neutral texts can you find the answer to the question: why has humanity accumulated such a huge amount of nuclear weapons? And it was forced to do this, obeying this very Highest Intelligence-God! Because without such a real balance between life and death, humanity is not able to develop! And why should we develop? Yes, because the sun will inevitably go out and our descendants will have to reel
    in fishing rods to other planets. The problem is that so many people and even entire countries do not care about our descendants, they want to live now, and they live until they become an obstacle to progress. That's where the carrot appears in front, and the whip appears behind. It is not enough to write an amendment mentioning God, but you still need to learn how to actually use this amendment. This applies to everyone, including the president.

  2. The Christian God does not contradict the idea of the State, on the contrary: the political life of people is established by the will of God-as the new version of the Code reminds us. This refers to the true, real God-regardless of what religion a particular citizen represents Him in. After all, we are not interested in a fictional reality, but in the true, existing one – isn't it? Not some fictitious God who makes this or that happen, but the true objective Creator, whose Word is the law of nature.

  3. Ek you, liberal, carries something)

    Why would God suddenly contradict the state? We had an officially Christian state from 988 to 1917, and nothing)))

    How did it happen that no one paid any attention to God in the Russian national anthem (“God's protected native land”), but it was worth mentioning that “our ancestors gave us faith in God and values”, as everyone went mad at the very word “God”.

    The word” God ” with a capital letter is used only in one context and only in one religion. So the question is not stupid, not just provocative.

  4. Good afternoon, God is mentioned exactly the one who was also zeroed out at the same time. There is no God but the guarantor of the constitution, and we are all taxpayers of it. Amen.

  5. There is no contradiction here. Literally, this amendment reads as follows::

    “The Russian Federation, united by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of our ancestors, who passed on to us the ideals and faith in God…”

    That is, we are talking about the historical past of our country, in which there is faith in God. This amendment does not make you believe in it. This was confirmed by the Constitutional Court.

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