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  1. As you know, if you want, philosophy can be found in any work. Therefore, I would like to note that, as a rule, philosophy in music is contained either in the form of references, or at the level of possible interpretation.

    And so, I remember the projects of Alexander Bard. Actually, at the level of titles, his projects refer to Plato (army of lovers from Thebes) and Deleuze (body without organs). As far as I know, the way these projects are executed is consistent with the Bard's philosophical views.

    Classical music is full of philosophical connotations. Perhaps the best way to portray philosophy in music is not to sing about it directly, but to express it in musical forms.

    From the more modern, often in neofolk directly sing about, albeit specific, but philosophical concepts.

  2. Kajogo has his own philosophy, so it can be found in the songs of almost any artist and any genre. Basically, the philosophical subtext is embedded in the music of protest. These are rock and rap. Artists include AC / DC, the Beatles Rammstein, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and many others.

    But the same philosophical subtext can be found in other genres. Performers include Bob Marley, Adriano Celentano, Luna, Monetochka, and many others.

  3. now the performers,in my opinion, are concerned not to fall out of the clip constantly sounding on TV, what a philosophy! love is a carrot and a more or less memorable melody and that's it! intrigue, investigation,dirty laundry, all for sale.

  4. Oxxxymiron, Project uveche, Tipsy Tip, yes all undergarund hip-hop artists, like to philosophize, well, for example, there is a group of Black, Ladytron, Queen, Nirvana, Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne, Beatles, for example from our Burito, IOWA, Vysotsky, 5'nizza group, Psyche, Kino and Viktor Tsoi, DDT, Alice, all representatives of Russian rock and underground scene, Bob Marley, Alai Oli, Assai, Zhenya Lubich, Alekseev, Nikolsky, Yuri Kukin, Grigory Leps, Sergey Shnurov, TOTAL, Sunsay, 25/17 Ezekiel, Noize Mc, Raskarandash, Animal Jaz, Polina Gagarina a little bit, Sergey Lazarev, Nautilus Pompilus, GROT, Radiohead, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sex Pistols, Mando Diao, Phil Collins, Coolio, CCCatch, E-type, many different songs, but mostly hip-hop, rock, ragga, country, rap, metal, ambient, etc., touch on the themes of love, eternal life, God, eternal fate of people, people's behavior of their inner world, consciousness, relationships, communication of people, their inner connection, manifestations of love, and higher feelings, obedience, intuition, colorful fantasy world, flight of dreams, freedom reason, independence, anarchism, and all sorts of high feelings, the main thing is that the songs contain a deep meaning and experience of the author and his vision of the world.

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