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  1. It depends on what “national dishes” are for you and what “budget products”are for you. Is soy sauce a budget product?�

    I would recommend that you find a few resources for yourself and periodically scroll through them for something that you can easily repeat in your kitchen.�

    I love the advanced search on the Grocery Store's website, where you can search for their books, for example, “Home Italian Cuisine” or “About Rice and Cereals”. You'll be surprised how many national dishes are available at home. �http://www.gastronom.ru/search/type/recipe

    If you read in English, the list of resources expands almost limitlessly. Try Pinterest, for example, or Food52.

    For example, from mayonnaise, kefir and a certain amount of onions and spices, a classic American dressing is obtained, with which you can eat almost unlimited amounts of fresh vegetables. And this is a great national dish!

  2. This is the first time I've heard about budget products. And national dishes, so they are all national-Russian borscht, Uzbek pilaf, Uyghur manti, Hungarian goulash, etc. I choose products for them more naturally, as much as possible.

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