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  1. SCIENTIFIC QUESTION – what is the exact practical description of the full scientific TRUTH (or at least part of it).

    THE REASON – an accurate practical description of the full scientific TRUTH-will require knowledge of an infinite amount of information that cannot even be simply recorded on a storage medium.

    EXAMPLE-even one number Pi = 3.14 … is practically impossible to know exactly and write to any medium.

  2. To understand what humanity is, it is necessary to go beyond humanity. This can be done by an AI that has already been created by humans.

    I don't know if we will understand this answer. But this will be the most accurate and definitive answer.

  3. Obviously, this is “The Main Question of life, the universe and in general.”

    I remember that one supercomp answered it with “42”, which is obviously not the answer to this question.


  4. To the question “is the theory true”. Because the truth cannot be reached empirically, you can only get as close to it as possible. Empirically, one can only refute a theory, but not prove it absolutely. For even if all the experiments carried out so far and all the data collected so far confirm the validity of the theory (any one), there is still a possibility that any experiment and any data obtained in the future will refute it. Falsifiability is a scientific criterion.


  5. This is a very simple question and very easy to answer. Humanity will never know the reason why our universe, creation, and creation exist. The root causes of our world and all its gods combined. This is just as true as the fact that man cannot imagine infinity. Even such a speed as the speed of thought in impotence stops before the abyss of space, which has neither beginning nor end.

  6. To the question: “Is there a question that humanity will never be able to find an answer to?”

    Just because we didn't find a question that we didn't find an answer to, it doesn't mean that there won't be a question that can't be answered in the future. Just because we found a question that we didn't find an answer to, it doesn't mean that it won't be answered in the future.

    Okay, stop.

  7. Can humanity never answer my questions?
    Can humanity answer the question that I will never ask it, that exists only in my mind?

  8. <p>I want to think that the person will answer all the questions.But I always ask myself, ” What if we know everything?” Will we not degrade?Will pandora's box open?More questions! A vicious circle.

  9. Well it's on the surface:

    “What is the meaning of life?”

    Being a part of the system called “life”, we cannot imagine a super-system that can show “life” its shelf in the world order.

  10. I liked the saying of Socrates: “The more I know, the more I don't know.” To understand the essence of this expression, we can imagine that all our knowledge is the inside of the ball, and ignorance is the outside of the ball. The larger our knowledge becomes,the larger becomes the surface area of the sphere, and therefore our “contact” with ignorance.

    This idea finds a parallel in the Holy Scriptures. Romans 11: 33 says: “O the depth of the riches, wisdom, and knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are His decisions and how unsearchable are His ways! “The word” abyss ” creates a vivid image in our imagination. To meditate on the wisdom of God is like looking into a bottomless pit, so deep and vast that it is simply impossible to comprehend its full depth and immensity.

    Therefore, humanity will always have unanswered questions.

    1. What is the meaning of life?

    2. Does the universe have an end?

    3. What is beyond the universe?

    4. Which came first: spirit or matter?

    5. What is evolution?

    6. What is the mind?

  11. We have been studying life for centuries, but there are more questions than answers.

    A huge number of questions cannot be answered, due to the impossibility and imperfection of our technique and understanding of what is happening. It's not even about God, there is an infinite amount of information beyond him, which our brain is physically unable to perceive

  12. These are two fundamental questions of philosophy. God. What is it, and why do you need it? The second question is the mind. What is its meaning? where it came from, there is no question-from God. But-why? here we can only build logical chains, but we will never get an answer to these two questions.

  13. A person created likeGod, that is, who has passed the path of deification to the son of God through the awakening of his consciousness, will not be able to answer the question that has NOT YET BEEN ASKED. An unasked question means that circumstances and life itself have not yet prepared humanity for the formulation of this question. All other questions are answered. And even IF they are NOT PUBLISHED, the answers are there.

  14. Questions that can't be answered include:

    1) Does God exist?

    2) What happened before the Big Bang?

    3) What is beyond our universe and are there other universes?

    4) How to invent a Perpetual motion machine?

    And this is only a small part of the questions that cannot be answered.

  15. Probably the question of death. Is there something after it, or do we simply not exist, we disappear forever? What is love? Is there a God? Why do so many people believe in him even though they don't see him? So something inexplicable lives in us.

  16. There are other galaxies, a perpetual motion machine cannot be invented, this refutes the 3 laws of thermodynamics, “god” is only for those who believe in him, but “vzyrva could not even be)

  17. At the expense of God, it is unlikely that we will know anything,at the expense of the “Big Bang” this is just a theory and will most likely be abolished, perpetual motion machines have already been created, the universe is infinite and the meaning of the question itself is lost.

  18. Does God exist ? Yes of course! If he did not exist, all creation would not have happened . People, land, nature, berries, fruits, sky stars, animals. These are all God's creations ! They did not appear by themselves.this is not evolution. Dawn, rainbow how beautiful, all this makes us happy, why? that is why God created us so that we can rejoice when we look at his creation. We eat fruits that we like and enjoy . Does God have a name ?

  19. Clearly, humanity will not be able to find an answer to the first side of the basic question of philosophy “What is primary, matter or consciousness?”
    Therefore, materialists and idealists will always exist

  20. .
    To a question that can't be resolved.
    An important detail, humanity is not looking for answers to questions and does not answer them.
    This is what a Person does.

    If we talk about a Person, then the question that will not come to the consciousness of a person.
    Accordingly, 100% will not be solved.

  21. This is a question from the series about the omnipotence of God. A court philosopher once baffled the Pope with this question: “If your God is all-powerful, can he create a stone that he cannot lift?” If he can, then he is not omnipotent, because there is something that he cannot raise, if he cannot create, then… in short, he is not omnipotent in any way! )))

    So the answer to this question is that Humanity will never be able to answer this question:”What question will humanity never be able to answer?

  22. Will there be such a thing as human rights in Russia?

    Who killed Laura Palmer?�

    Will the Russian government stop making amendments to the constitution?

    Was Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore actually gay?

  23. God, how much nonsense is above of course

    It is possible that I will also write nonsense, but to include here questions of philosophy that only our paradigm of consciousness gives rise to because of our perception, which is very poorly developed

    Any question can be answered absolutely


    In theory

    You can prove everything in practice

    Even the question of death, look at one picture, I really don't remember the name, but the point was that there was an experiment where the characters died and came back, who said that science fiction will not come true in the future? We do not know, because of the imminent death

    Make a simple analogy

    Questions that could not be answered, say, in the 15th century, we can answer now, dc and who said that in 1000 years they will not answer all our questions?

  24. To the question: “Who puts dislikes for examples of questions previously answered in this topic and why do they do it?”

    Seriously, why did you ask me about the egg and chicken?: D

  25. To the question ” why?”. Why was the universe born? Why does life exist exactly as it is now? Why are there such chemical elements? Why do toads have pimples on their skin? Why was the stone called a stone, and not a substitute, for example?

    It can be more than one question, but a chain, and if the first question is easy to answer, then each subsequent one becomes more difficult to answer. Why was I born? Because a certain sperm got into a certain egg. Why did he hit it? Because I was the fastest. Why? Because there were favorable conditions for this. Why?…

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