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  1. Given the syncretism of Masonic views, they have a lot of symbols, and from different religions. A kind of symbol is the Masonic apron.�

    In addition, the symbolism of Freemasons is built around the first Temple in Jerusalem, moreover, there is even such a phenomenon as” Masonic pilgrimage ” — when members of various lodges of the world visit Israel, visit the Temple Mount and the tomb of King David in Jerusalem. An important symbol is the Masonic columns – Boaz and Yakhin-and they are also “associated with the first temple, because” according to legend, these two pillars (according to different versions of copper, brass or bronze according to different versions) according to the Bible stood in the narthex
    The First Temple�

    Well, where without the all-seeing eye that conspiracy theorists see literally everywhere, right down to the patterns on the palms of Obama's hands.

    In addition to the already named ones, there are also some construction tools among Masonic symbols – a trowel for example (or a” trowel ” in our language).

    Just shhh! I didn't tell you that, if anything

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