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  1. Vasiliev's “Difficult Problem of Consciousness” is, in fact, an introduction to this problem. Other literature can be gleaned from this book, although not so much has been translated into Russian (only Searle (“Rediscovering Consciousness”) and Chalmers (“The Conscious Mind”)).

    There is also such an organization “Moscow Center for Consciousness Research” – you can read all the books that they publish in the URSS publishing house in the HardProblem series (at the moment there are about five of them).

  2. You can start with” The Conscious Mind ” by D. Chalmers. You can also read D. Dennett and J. R. R. Tolkien. Serla (though I don't know for sure if their popular books have been translated). Dennett and Searle demonstrate two popular points of view in modern philosophy of consciousness-functionalism and non-reductive materialism. Unfortunately, the main body of works on the topic is poorly translated, both high-level works and good introductions.

    The modern philosophy of consciousness is closely related to cognitive science (which was founded on the conceptual foundations of functionalism), so introductions to cognitive science can also be interesting.

    In general, a passion for this topic implies proficiency in English, because these disciplines have only recently appeared in Russian.

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