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  1. They are already fighting, but their attempts are not widespread, and they are overshadowed by radical groups (expressing misogyny, homophobia, anti-feminist and extremely conservative views), along with an information vacuum about men's issues and gender specifics.

    We should also not forget that, unfortunately, hegemonic masculinity gives its owners certain privileges, the value of which justifies any means. Men have long dominated society at various levels, and even the progressive Western world, with all its advanced feminism, resists the revision of male social roles and status, putting men on the needle of prestigious masculinities. For Russia, this issue is even more painful, because we did not have the feminist movement in all its Western power, but the twentieth century was disastrous for the male gene pool, with constant wars, repression and economic challenges. So we cling to archaic masculinities in the most desperate way, and mass culture is littered with images of women longing for a “strong male shoulder”, proud of their femininity, economic efficiency and weakness, which is obviously beneficial for men in terms of their own status: we still judge a man by the landing diameter of alloy wheels on a wheelbarrow and the beauty of his woman. In some circles, meanwhile, hyper-masculinity is in demand with the attitudes “be a man, bl…” and “hush, baba, know your place”, with a trend towards militarism and boorishness. With gynocentrism, again, which increases male self-esteem within gender — stood up for a woman, opened the door, gave flowers, performed hard physical work, helped the “weaker” sex .

    The same archetype of the warrior and defender, despite the fact that it is outdated (we live in peacetime, there are police and army for protection), remains relevant, because our society is like this: there is little hope for the police, propaganda broadcasts that the country is in the ring of enemies, the courts and the power bloc are corrupt… Judge for yourself: look what's happening here on February 23. The professional holiday of military personnel has turned into a parade of masculinity and praise of hyper-masculinity in civilian men. They are told: it's cool to protect. However, no one asks: who to defend against and why (because we attack? and why?.. And silence…).

    It can be said that a significant part of men still do not understand and do not accept the benefits of equality and are not ready to critically analyze their own privileges or call other men to action. Whether because of a reasonable fear of losing masculinity (in Russia this is framed by the label “queer”, “women”, “not a man”), or because of the unwillingness to express a course towards male separation (unfortunately, the MGTOW movement in Russia is compromised by narrow-minded people who are fighting on the Internet with matriarchy, feminism and the global anti-male conspiracy of the Order of the Illuminati).

    At the same time, politically, masculism is much more vulnerable from the point of view of the struggle for the sympathy of an ordinary man, unlike feminism, because theoretically today women no longer have as many gender restrictions as a century ago, and the slogans of suffragettes were initially progressive, but still, if we take it globally, give women voting rights, the right to work (and its equal pay with men) and education,

    Unfortunately, masculism does not have a clear program, especially since it is difficult to find slogans that do not cause a priori rejection in most people.

    Even the slogans “men don't cry, they suddenly die of a stroke at the age of 40” can still be perceived with hostility and ridiculed from small to large, no matter how fair they may sound.

    Dialogues about men's domestic work and partnerships are also doomed to hooting like “find yourself an economic woman, earn more”.

    Discussions about hypergamy and the fact that a man is supposedly obliged to invest financially in a relationship, usually lead to mass hysteria that “a greedy man is not sexy”, “ugh, beggars”, and the appearance of a good fellow among the sheep-another alpha with a poster “Girls, I'm successful, not like these ragged losers, let's go to numera!”…

    The topic of domestic and sexual violence against men is taboo in its own way — misogynistic taunts immediately follow: “ha, what, I couldn't manage a woman? Well, you're a sucker.”

    It's a vicious circle.

    PS And I'm still silent about the information war of some feminists and pro-feminists with masculists and masculinists (see the film “Red Pill”), which is also burning in Russia. I don't know how correct the generalizations are, but still — in our country, by and large, there is neither men-friendly feminism nor the movement for gender equality, and attempts to attract men to the ranks of feminism very rarely rely on the themes of toxic masculinity and discrimination against men.

    Most of the notorious pro-feminists and” allies of feminism ” seek to demonstrate their loyalty to feminists in every possible way, but do not deal with issues of masculinity. They support pernicious postulates such as” there is no reverse sexism”,” the arrow does not turn”,”there is no sexism against men”. Very often they portray themselves as “gentlemen” and benevolent sexists in a new guise — because only men should help women in matters of equality; because only women are oppressed as a group. And you don't need to help yourself, are you a man or what (yes, the pro-feminist in the link post approves of the “you're a man” cliche, but what's the big deal?). Another pro-feminist Telegram channel appeals to men “let's destroy the patriarchy together, men.” Another profem-public VK describes itself as follows:�

    We are, for the most part, successful, accomplished in life, strong personalities, not masochists and not henpecked, no matter how much someone would like to think of us like that.

    There is sexism in relation to men (what the fuck, I'm a “man” to you, allies?! are you all fucked up there?!) and the consolidation of gender stereotypes, which only pushes men away from fighting for their rights.

    At the same time, initially feminism and masculism complement each other within the framework of the concept of gender equality, and masculism arose on the basis of the developments of feminism (here is an interview with the late Igor Kon, one of the largest Russian gender researchers), but today's Russian — speaking pro-feminists seem to completely spit on this.

  2. Interesting question)) I do not want to say that all the rights of men are observed flawlessly and unconditionally, but there is no mass violation or infringement of their rights today.

    I assume you are asking from the point of view of the increasing activity of feminists and feminists, so I will answer from this position. The rights of women today are not exactly equal to the rights of men, this is an acute and widespread problem, which is why so much attention has been drawn to it and there is so much debate, debate, conversation and action about it today. When women's rights in practice become equal to those of men, it will surely be time to deal with the injustice that is being done to men. However, so far their problems are too small compared to the harassment of women, so there is no special discussion about this now.

  3. There are movements, and they fight. But it is much more difficult for them than femlu. Feminism is a business. Feminism is funded by various organizations, both in the West and in the Russian Federation and other countries. MD, etc. is currently not funded by anyone, only by the road users themselves. But this is for now. I think there will soon be a cut between feml and adequate people. Femlo has already outlived its usefulness, and there was no need. Especially in the Russian Federation, equal rights were given to everyone in 1917, what else do femkam need, well, privileges if only)

  4. In fact, it is not only the mandatory army that discriminates against men on the basis of gender. There is a whole list of problems, as they are with discrimination against women, but for some reason, all the media hype inflated, and about discrimination against men, it is not customary to talk widely in society. And so, the fight should not be for men or women. And for the right of all people to be equal. Of course, I can't be absolutely equal, not even 2 different people. But social and economic equality, from a legislative point of view, should be enjoyed by all people, without exception. And as for stereotypes and prejudices. They cannot be corrected by any amendment to the law. Therefore, the issue of equality from a cultural point of view is much more complex. But here, as a libertarian, I hold a simple opinion about the “non-aggression pact”. No one should interfere with anyone, as long as they don't directly climb up to them, with their own “concepts” and ideas about norms.

    Separately at the expense of feminists. In developed countries, they usually have no less or even more rights. But where women really suffer harassment is in the countries of the East, Africa, Latin America, Indonesia, and the Russian Caucasus.. But for some reason, the vast majority of feminists hang out in developed countries, where harassment is minimal, or in all cases absent.

  5. When they have a sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. You need to look at things objectively and not be a victim. And then, men have become so gentle that it's a nightmare

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