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  1. The question isn't as simple as it sounds. The case when it is worth turning the chessboard over and looking not from the position of relativity of you to space, but of space to you. And clearly articulate the situation.

    Let's say you're at home and you're chatting with your friends on your smartphone. How strongly does the fact that you are at home determine your current state? If you are very engrossed in the conversation, then this conscious self is not present in the room itself. It is present in a certain communicative situation, has gone into it with its head. If you are also at home, but, let's say, very enthusiastically playing a video game, then you are definitely not present in the space that is physically around you. You are in the game, you are completely immersed in this world and the actions of external stimuli are not so important to you.

    Ever since the days of Marshall McLuhan, there has been an opinion in media theory that the media itself is an extension of human organs. Media makes you bigger than your eyes, ears, hands, and so on. So you can physically be anywhere, but what you perceive with your organs and how these signals are processed in the brain indicates that you are not present in the situation that is around you. When you are immersed in a smartphone in the subway or reading a book, you are like a consciousness that, together with your expanded body, has overcome the physical boundaries of the situation, you find yourself in the virtual situation you have chosen.

    In gestalt therapy, there is a fundamental technique for being aware of the situation. The most primary and most difficult is when you are really present in the situation that is developing around you. The proverbial here-and-now, when you do not torment and limit yourself to the fantasies of the past and are not deceived by premonitions of the future. Perls called this state mini-satori, because he has many similarities with Buddhist practices. And then, when you absolutely experience the current moment, colors, smells and yourself in this situation, then you can say with absolute accuracy that you are where you are, and not somewhere else.

  2. You are in a specific space, within the limits of classical physics (that is, you are not in the quantum world, for example) , and even relative to different people and places, you continue to be in certain coordinates. And all relativity only helps you determine your location more accurately. Such a philosophy, in general))

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