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  1. There is a predkuritsa and a pre-petukh. The sun is shining, there is all sorts of radiation, other mutagens. And now the egg or sperm, the carriers of information about the future child of the pre-chicken and pre-baby, are damaged. The ancestress lays a fertilized egg with a defect, but the defect is such that the new creature turns out to be a chicken.

    Then there will be a question – what was the first, pre-chicken or pre-chicken egg.

    Eggs-caviar as a method of reproduction appeared long before fish. All sorts of worms, for example, invertebrates, also multiply in this way.

    In the end, this question will be reduced to a question:

    what was before — DNA or DNA ))

    After all DNA is the most important thing an egg and a chicken:

    In living organisms, almost all processes occur mainly due to enzymes of a protein nature. Proteins, however, cannot self-replicate and are synthesized de novo in the cell based on information stored in the DNA. But the doubling of DNA occurs only due to the participation of proteins and RNA. A vicious circle is formed, because of which, in the framework of the theory of the spontaneous generation of life, it was necessary to recognize the need not only for abiogenic synthesis of both classes of molecules, but also for the spontaneous emergence of a complex system of their interrelation.


    The next theory and hypothesis was that RNA can exist completely autonomously, and it was the first chicken-egg.

    That is, seriously, the question of the topic – where did the DNA and RNA come from?

    The first traces of life are now considered to be eoarchean stromatolites, products of cyanobacterial communities. This means that life appeared very quickly – at the same time as the solid earth's crust.


  2. Of course, chicken! Since a chicken without an egg (in a figurative sense): -))) can live quite well and do without it (and, if desired, “add up” a bunch of the same eggs), but an egg without a chicken is just a “set” of organic and mineral elements :-)))

    And, by the way, the chicken can peck the egg, but on the contrary, somehow it does not work))))))

    We have an interesting discussion here that came out to the article:”A surefire way to prevent egg splitting”

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