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  1. If we assume that consciousness determines reality (I am convinced that we all slightly distort this world for ourselves), then we live at the junction of these two worlds: reality and our own illusions. And illusions are not so bad. They can also be due to a lack of knowledge or just a defensive reaction of the psyche to a traumatic event, for example. So, to be honest, you don't have to choose between worlds.�

    My personal attempt to go into a completely “happy life in the world of illusions” quickly came across reality, which led to even more pain and suffering. In general, I am for the balance, to be honest.

  2. And what is meant by illusions? A permanent LSD trip? Virtual reality glasses? Lethargic sleep? Insanity?

    Let's say I would choose a fantasy world, but it is obvious that none of the options is incompatible with full functioning in society. You will have to isolate yourself from the outside world in a padded chamber, or get lost in the halls of your mind, but somehow “get away” from reality altogether. But this will no longer be life, but its semblance, a poor substitute. In fact, I would not live, but only exist. I wouldn't make a conscious choice in favor of this shitty world, but where can I go if only it can give both a huge pile of problems and absolutely amazing events that are 200 times cooler than any, the most magical dream?

    This is a very complex philosophical question about what life is, but it seems to me that in order to live, you need to interact with society, experience emotions (including negative ones), do things, travel and all sorts of such banal things. But a person can live in an unreal world if he did not make a choice. For example, he was born with a mental disorder and rides unicorns through rainbows.

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