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  1. A patriot is a person who loves his country, his people, his city, his football team (hockey, swimming, not so important). But we are most likely talking about patriots of the country. So: a patriot loves the country, not the regime, a patriot loves people, not politicians, a patriot wants only the best for the country and for the citizens of the country.
    Reasonable patriotism of course, there is also glory to the macaroni monster recently, I have been hearing the phrases “I love (the country)” more and more often, and not “I love(the leader of the country)”, and more and more often I see that people are really trying to do something for the citizens of the country of which they are patriots.
    A padded jacket is a person who can only talk or shout, swing his arms, legs and all other parts of his body, beat his chest and prove to you that he is a patriot of his country, while doing nothing for its development.
    A patriot, as I said, is a person who is trying to change life in their country for the better. You may never know about his work, because he does not shout right and left about how good he is.

    p. s. I write not only in relation to the Russian Federation, my description will fit almost any country in the world.

  2. According to Marxism, patriotism is an ideology developed by ruling class theorists to facilitate the exploitation of the working class and its mobilization in the event of a war for capital.

    Marxism is a part of theomism, comrade.

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