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  1. Many people don't believe in God. But I made sure that It is there. The order in the universe and the presence of life in it indicates that the Creator exists. The Bible says: “For every house is built by someone; but He who built all things is God.” (Hebrews 3: 4). While this logic is simple, it serves as a powerful argument for many educated people. I find it incredible that such an order in the universe arose out of chaos. There must be some primary source of this order. ⠀
    At the same time, many people believe in God. But if you ask who God is, you'll get all sorts of answers. For myself, I found the answer to this question. God is a Great Creator, and his qualities are seen in his creations. Since He created people in his own image, it means that we can, to some extent, show the same qualities as him. He instilled in us a desire for the spiritual – the ability to understand and share his views and values.⠀
    The way God created our planet speaks volumes about his love for us. He gave us more than just a survival kit. The diversity of the animal and plant world suggests that God wanted us to enjoy life. I can't write everything in this comment. So I will say that the Bible is the Word of God. It is given to us mainly so that we can learn about him. He wanted to teach us to live harmoniously and meaningfully. Of course, the Bible doesn't answer all the questions about God – you just can't fit that into a book. But everything in the Bible helps us understand who God is. So you can learn more if you try to read this wonderful book.

  2. Peace be with you all

    I am a Muslim

    In our Qur'an, Allah says in Surah 112.

    In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Merciful!

    Say: “He, Allah — God, Lord), is One [there are no other gods, deities besides Him]. Allah — God, Lord) is Eternal [only He is the One that everyone will need indefinitely]. Did not give birth and was not born. And no one can equal Him [be like Him; there is nothing like Him].”

  3. God is the name of the powerful�supernatural The Supreme Being in theistic and deistic religions. This is written in wikipedia. “People can” have their own, completely different opinion.

  4. The question has the word “Who” in it, so the question is like this: “How can something comprehensive have a personality?” The personality of the All-One (out of respect for at least those who invented this hypothesis, with a capital letter) came from the dialectical reversal of its (logically convincing) complete absence and complete indifference, just as the All-One and total interconnection are born out of (visible and convincing) complete discord and chaos. Its presence was taken from the reversal from complete absence to paradoxical presence, but already comprehensive. I will try to explain how this works from my point of view. The whole thing about the idea of infinity, where any probability comes true, is that the impossible probability comes true completely. It is in the light of infinite time and space that the most egregious impossibility has the right of first appearance. Will and faith in general have little to do with reason, but rather oppose it fundamentally. Their field of growth is absurd.

    Hence Tertullian's ” I believe because it is absurd.”

    I don't know exactly how dialectic swings work in infinite time and space, but if they can do something, they can do something similar.

    God, these are the supremacies proven by the revolution of infinity, rooted in their deficits, unreliability and absence at the most necessary moment.

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