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  1. It's simple, my friend.What does a person crave?Properly super-comfortable.This is what is the trap, impoverishment of the thought – To dress beautifully? Please visit boutiques and salons.Beautiful look Right now,hairdressers, spas, saunas, spas.Eat?be kind,and they will deliver you home,and they will send you to your mouth.There are already spool toilets…..But few people think that the achievement of the goal, it also annuls” Brains are looking for another,more magnificent, not even suspecting that this is the way to the disintegration of the individual” So the end is sad.Degradation and destruction.The result is loss of meaning,running wild…and the logical result is death.Comfort,bliss, luxury,self-aggrandizement that's the whole question.And in Ssser it was necessary to Bam, yes Magnitki rivet, and Virgin land iron mercilessly….. here it is flight and meaning.Live in a trailer, and boil gulls with a razor, then the brain was buzzing…..

  2. The civilization of scientific and technological progress is massively in demand for a cog-man, a cog-man. A person is increasingly intelligent and educated – in the last century or two (before-even that was not required). But not wise at all.

    The same ancient Greek education system sought out, taught, and encouraged the wise. Ancient Rome has already begun to adopt a more practical approach. Too practical, perhaps. Training engineers, military engineers – not scientists. What is the wisdom here?

    Since then, if wisdom was demanded by any system, it was no longer the “mainstream” development of civilization. You can search for wisdom in Buddhist monasteries, for example. But it is terribly far from naro…bottom masses.

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