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  1. I answer questions only if I understand the topic or just know it and it is close to me.


    • I want to express my opinion.

    • I want to help the person who asked the question.

    • It will be a pleasure for me to discuss this topic.

    • I think it's fair to say that sometimes I just want to take my time and sometimes I get into issues where I'm not competent.

    Well, plus signs are a nice bonus that there are people who agree with you.

    PS I would like to say that I hate people who answer questions with links, I consider it disrespectful (unless these links contain some arguments in support of the answer, but they should not replace the answers)

  2. I'm revising my own knowledge. For the sake of clarity of the experiment, I only answer if I know, and I don't go to Wikipedia for an answer. I don't know, so I either read others or pass them by. It helps me practice writing and writing skills, which is important to me as a journalist and screenwriter. Well, as without feeding your own ego, too, can not do. It is a little pleasing when a positive rating begins to grow, which is no, but social recognition. I learn new things from other users, or I understand that I need to dig in the direction of the topic on which the question was asked.

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