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  1. In an evil world, doing evil is much more profitable than doing good.

    The reason is that destroying is much easier and more profitable than creating.

    For this reason, the evil world is in a dead end of development.

    Good is the key to solving all development problems.

  2. Why are we so sure? We want it to be so, and the only consolation we have is the belief that justice will prevail. But how can we understand whether this is so ? After all, where the freedom of one (person) begins, the freedom of another (person) is pumped in.

  3. Not always. An impudent thief, a successful homicidal maniac, a dictator who has seized power-they all really want to declare themselves the victorious good. If a person dies from a disease, it does not mean that the disease is good. Just because they burn down forests doesn't mean the arsonists are right. Evil will only be completely and permanently defeated at the end of time. In the meantime, everything depends on us.

  4. To begin with, in the long run, we are talking about mutual good that is “returned”. And not about one-sided pumping of good in one direction, which is already parasitism.

    In other words, it is not so much about good as about justice, but also about more complex forms of organization: parents help their children, and after a few decades, children help their children. You helped your grandmother carry heavy things or held the door open, and another person helped your mother, wife, or you during an illness. Your children went to visit friends and they are looked after and treated by the owners, and a week later their other friends came to visit you. And most often, such loans are recorded only in the most general form, with the provision of a credit of trust to each person. But still conducted.

    On the other hand, evil is at best selfishness, calculating getting the most out of others and getting the least out of them, and then only under the threat of sanctions. Including all methods: blackmail, extortion, coercion, lying, etc.

    Thus, on the one hand – the most diverse types of cooperation, and on the other – sophisticated types of selfishness.

    The problem with evil/selfishness is that it is not viable on its own. Like a virus, evil can only develop in an atmosphere of good. Therefore, whenever good dies, evil cannot survive.

    Therefore, in a difficult situation, evil has the only option – to go over to the side of good, at least temporarily (otherwise everyone will die).

    And then everyone gets better together. This is the meaning of good.

  5. Who told you that?”??

    Don't believe me – this is a joke – there is neither good nor evil, only our attitude gives events a similar color :-)))))))))))

  6. “Good always wins over evil. Therefore, the winner is the good one.” History is written by the victors, who will most often describe their opponents as savage backward barbarians, non-humans and evil aggressors, and themselves as defenders of the motherland, right-wing ideas, maybe even as martyrs. So everything is relative 🙂

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