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  1. God's Law has several levels of interpretation, has a certain sequence, purpose, method of use, its addressee, and so on and so forth. You are too primitive in your understanding of God's plan and see only what is on the surface – you started talking about literal circumcision, apparently because you are circumcised yourself and think that you have greatly pleased God – He just can't get enough of looking at your “feat of faith” )

    For God, your circumcision with an uncircumcised heart and mind, on the contrary, is a veil that prevents you from seeing and understanding the main essence of the Law. It's not about growing paces, and shortening the pelt on the penis. The law is spiritual, and many of the commandments of the Old Testament had and still have a hidden spiritual essence and their literal understanding is no longer so important.�

    Here, for example, is the law on the Passover, that is, the sacrificial Lamb, which I would have to eat with my family every year on Nisan 14 with unleavened bread and bitter herbs !?!? This lamb signified and signifies Christ as the Passover Lamb, whose word I must feed on for my deliverance from Egyptian slavery. Bitter herbs symbolize the bitterness of the Truth of Christ ( and what about it – it is not so sweet for me, it speaks about my sins, errors, weaknesses), but unleavened bread means a pure word without confessional admixtures. So, by accepting such a Passover, I seem to be violating the letter of the law, but on the contrary, I am fulfilling the very essence. Ferstein? )

    Paul-as an expert in the Law and one who received enlightenment, understood all these subtleties and nuances and explained them very deeply and exhaustively. So there are no contradictions between Christ and Paul – only visible and resolvable ones.

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