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  1. Imagine-you are planning an experiment to test a certain hypothesis in the field of the queen of paradoxes of quantum physics-quantum entanglement. You invite theorists to calculate the expected result of an experiment in the framework of quantum mechanics, and you and your group plunge into the routine of the experiment. And now the experiment was completed and coincided with the calculations of the theorists with high accuracy. The theorists are also surprised, and you are also surprised, because the result cannot be explained in any way within the framework of common sense.

    If quantum entangled objects are separated, then theoretically their quantum states should remain connected until one of the states is measured (or broken). This measurement / violation instantly determines the state of the other object, no matter how far apart they are. Here the word instant is the key word. The idea is so illogical that Einstein derided it as “creepy” action at a distance. But recently (2017), the Chinese reported that they checked “this horror” at a distance of 1200 km, using satellite and with a lot of statistics.

    So physicists solve this problem methodologically, who is in a lot of trouble. Someone applies the principle – “shut up and count”, someone goes for a bottle, but those physicists from whom the wives left-become philosophers.

  2. The 19th and 20th centuries are full of global miracle theories – from Hegel and Marx to Keynes and Einstein. These theories are born out of emotions and free flight of fancy rather than real experiments, which (as in the case of communism in Russia) are sometimes very expensive. Just like communism, the theory of relativity does not rely on serious and well-established experiments. It is not proven that time slows down with increasing speed, that mass increases with increasing speed (what happens in accelerators is not properly explained), it is not proven that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. It is not proven that the speed of propagation of gravitational waves is equal to the speed of light. And if that were the case, it would be unclear how black holes create gravity and control the movement of stars in galaxies. It is not proven that the galaxies are scattered, because we do not see all the galaxies and do not see just those that are approaching us, but are far enough away. It has not yet been proven that even visible galaxies run away with acceleration. All of this is more like a flight of fancy than reality. And this is all important, because if the speed of movement is not limited, then it makes sense to think about miracle engines. If it is limited, then there is no point in spending a lot of money on studying exoplanets, since we will never get to them and this cost will never pay off. It is probably more practical to concentrate on creating artificial planets, creating a space industry, and using the resources of the asteroid belts. Finally, to establish a normal life on Earth, in which tens of millions of people a year do not die from poverty and completely curable diseases. To teach our children not to turn into criminals, drug addicts and terrorists.

  3. Thought is material, this matter we call an idea, and you can carry it in your head for a very long time, until the moment when the idea is implemented by an experiment. Here, just you can feel all its strength and power. The thought process is imperceptible, sometimes invisible, as it passes at a crazy neural speed , but it can lead to deep fatigue, thereby becoming matter, which can also be seen. In general, this is how a truth is born that has no evidence base, because the enthusiastic brain in search of the very truth does not have time to fix the path along which it came to the solution of a problem or question. To put it simply: you got lost in the forest and intuitively went out on the road, how-you can not explain to yourself, everyone thinks lucky, but in fact, the brain analyzed the situation and pushed you to save – you were worried and did not pay attention to how the brain worked. When you are asked to show the way you came out, you will not be able to remember it. Everyone will consider your lucky escape an accident. And then the philosophy of being: they will remember the goblin, the cross, and luck…

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