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  1. It is amazing what limits (lawlessness) human profanity can reach, when the spiritual is reduced to a banal shovel to bury your shit outside the camp.

    In fact, the OT is given to us as types, as Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 10: 6. The pig is the prototype of the pagan, who feeds on all possible teachings mixed up indiscriminately and drives all this through himself directly without thinking or reasoning. A pure ruminant animal is an image of a believer who eats homogeneous non-meat, murder-related food, which even if in a hurry accumulates in the rennet, and when at rest – burps and chews (reflects on the Word).

    Therefore, there are really no clean and unclean animals, otherwise God would not have created and saved them during the flood. And this is why Paul writes-eat everything, even things sacrificed to idols, unless your or someone else's conscience condemns you. There are archetypes that God wants to show us, explain, and teach us something about.

    And fasting, by the way, according to Isaiah 58, has nothing to do with abstinence from food. Fasting is a strictly individual (not calendar) phenomenon, when a person is so pressed that he runs to look for the face of God and at this moment he simply does not have time for food, entertainment, and so on. And the fast lasts until the person receives an answer from God. Everything else is just an empty human effort to show how pious he is.

  2. Because most of the laws and prohibitions, including the ban on eating pork, applied exclusively to the Jewish people, regulated their civil and ritual life. �

    Update: it should also be understood that each ban was justified. God didn't forbid something just because of a whim. At the time when the people of Israel were given laws, there were no sanitation facilities and other benefits. Pork is by nature a dirty creature that is capable of spreading various infections in the hot climate in which the people lived, which people at that time did not know how to fight and treat.Such infections were quite capable of exterminating the people (as some historical data tell us) The people of Israel were entrusted with an important mission, and the Mission to save humanity was to come from this people. Imagine how annoying it will be when this mission is”failed” through some pork?

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