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  1. Many things are caused by biological factors. For example, there is a brain tumor with a difficult to pronounce name, which leads to an active release of adrenaline into the blood. People with this tumor have a tendency to behave aggressively. However, even for them, murder is prohibited. Many of these people are undergoing therapy, correcting their behavior, and learning to control themselves.

    Homosexuality is not purely biological in nature. Homosexuality is successfully cured by psychological methods. So, a person has the opportunity to change their behavior by their own will, to refuse.

    Homosexuality is not created by God, nor is the birth of conjoined twins created by God. These are some other factors. Well, you know, if a person has figured out how to make alcoholic beverages, then this does not mean that cirrhosis of the liver was created by God)

  2. Was the Church ever concerned about the genesis of homosexuality? The position regarding it by Christianity is banally taken from the Jewish norms that have developed in the specifics of the way of life of the Jewish tribes, with their specifics of the organization of the family, inheritance, etc. There, same-sex relationships were tabooed, as they were a real problem in connection with the continuity of purely male line.

  3. The biological factor is procreation. God gave the first one-on-one commandment with animals, “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:22,28). Animals have taken the commandment literally, but what have humans turned the reproductive function into?

    Another question is that people are not just animals. What is celibacy, chastity? This is also a “perversion”of the biological nature of man. But for what purpose? Celibacy is the reorientation of biological energy into spiritual energy, procreation into the continuation of evolution, and the creation of a new evolutionary entity. And sexual minorities are a surrogate for this reorientation. Not the way up man – > angel, but the trampling man > < – > woman. This is the danger of sexual minorities for Christianity.

  4. The Old Testament.Leviticus 20.13. If a man lies with a man as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination.

    This is a test for a person. Probably so. (if this shit is caused by biological factors)

    1. Even if this is really the norm for an animal, which I am not sure about (see point 2), then a person is called to rise above the animal in himself. We do not relieve ourselves when it is necessary, but we endure to the right place. We learn to be faithful to only one partner, and not to sleep with any person we like. We even learn to overcome the instinct of self-preservation when duty demands it. Although defecation, polygamy, and fear for one's life are natural and created by God. But what distinguishes man from the animal is that he can put morality above instincts.
    2. Yes, homosexuality is common among animals, including primates. But we should probably be wary of some scientific conclusions, because they may be somewhat biased. After all, it was like this before.

    For example, Harvard professor Edward Hammond Clark wrote that ” girls who go to college have bigger and heavier brains. Blood thus rushes to the brain and separates it from the uterus, as a result of which a woman can become infertile” – because that time was biased by sexism and patriarchy. And in the USSR, for ideological reasons, they supported the ” doctrine of living matter “and” Michurinsky agrobiology ” – because that time was biased by communism.

    Now many people are engaged in sex education, sexual freedom and tolerance. And I can't even imagine who would sponsor a scientist who says that homosexuality is not the norm. And what kind of scientist wants to become a homophobic outcast on a par with racists? And if a scientist cannot express his opinion freely, then his research cannot be considered objective.

  5. Most likely it is. But when the church was still being built, this was a rarity. Isn't that right? This was already more common in our century.
    And the church is against it because it is not profitable for it . most grandmothers and others who strongly believe in our God Jesus Christ are straight. And they despise those with a different orientation. In churches now, in most cases, such people serve. And that. If they start being pro homosexual a lot of people will just stop going to church

  6. Because wife or sodomy results from adultery, as something uncharacteristic of the union of differences. Everything is quite simple and exclusively yours

  7. It depends on which church and which god. If we talk about Christianity, then today there are more than 8,000 Christian active gods. And even more Christian churches. Not all of them are against homosexuals. For example, the Roman Catholic Church is pro-gay and actively promotes the LGBT movement.

    Others, although they oppose homosexuality, often keep a huge number of homosexuals, pedophiles, etc. sexual perverts in their ranks and do nothing to purge their ranks of them. I.e., in fact, they are also in favor.

  8. Yes, but the animal, if it is possible to choose between a representative of the female sex and its own, WILL CHOOSE AN INDIVIDUAL OF the OPPOSITE SEX.
    This is due to nature, the survival system of the species, and everything else is from the evil one.

  9. “if it is caused by biological factors” – excuse me, what factors?

    Diseases both physical, mental and psychological, physiological, any, objectively exist. There are also disorders, and homosexuality is a disorder.

    I might as well say that killing people is also the norm, because people kill each other. With all its history and even prehistoric era.

  10. The church is against God, too.You missed the main point.The majority of people have a desire for homosexuality, and the church knows it. By suppressing a person's feelings, they automatically become more controlled.And the church is a guarantee . But why naruku is another matter

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