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  1. He is not interested, because science is based on determinism. If you understand the philosophy of science, then most of the concepts there are based on determinism. Laplace in his works says that every state of the Universe is a consequence of the previous and the cause of its subsequent states. If you are interested, you can also read the work “The structure of Scientific revolutions” by Kuhn.

  2. Sergey Loguzov, Pierre Simon Laplace argued about the determinism of our world, but he never pointed out the mechanism that makes our world deterministic. He pointed to a direct dependence of the subsequent state on the previous state, but he did not indicate what is the mechanism of such dependence. The proposed law of determinism explicitly indicates the mechanism that dictates the dependence of the next state on the previous state. Moreover, this law allows you to understand what state the next one is already in. This law also makes it clear that information and energy are one and the same, as well as to understand human phenomena, the mechanism of which is not clear today. Also, the application of the law of determinism makes it possible to formulate the concept of Truth in such a wording that it will cover all existing definitions of this concept. And it sounds like this: Knowledge of the composition of activated properties of objects involved in the process of interest is true, and such knowledge is true. Moreover, the law of determinism allows us to understand that the criterion of truth for each person is his Accepted Attitudes, which are also formulated by applying the law. You answer my question with your accepted attitudes in relation to the question I asked, and you consider these attitudes to be true. They are for you the criterion of truth in relation to the information you received from me. I'm trying to change your accepted settings by writing so much. To answer me, you will either simply repeat your accepted attitudes, or you will look for your own ones that look in more detail at the information you have received, or you will accept a new attitude in the form of allowing the possibility of the truth of my reasoning, after which you will look for your accepted attitudes that prove my thoughts to be true. In any case, the criterion of truth will always be the attitudes adopted by a person.

    As you can see, the law of determinism allows you to study and learn all kinds of laws of Nature, so it is worth considering it as a Theory of Everything.

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