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  1. Every day I drink moonshine in the garage, periodically I sleep there. The garage is simultaneously a rehearsal point, an existential cafe “At Sartre's” and a Book club.

  2. You just seem to live in the wrong place, in our village everything is just in garages and “hang out”, ranging from seventh-graders of 14 years to drunks of 40 years, and it happens that they “hang out”together. Yes, and I think in many villages/towns, small towns, garage parties are still flourishing with might and main

  3. Apparently, you didn't come across such garages. I live across the street from them myself and often watch some hangouts accompanied by loud music and cheerful laughter. Well, a kebab with beer, of course, is attached. Moreover, it is very profitable to set up a “laboratory” in garages (for those who like to smoke herbs). Convenient and good. And if the garage is still in a more or less deserted place, then at least fall out of there like a sandbag – no one will say a word.�
    They hang out in garages. And not as young as men, for whom the garage is a second home, and a diner, and a warehouse-storage of all sorts of things that his wife forced to throw the hell out of the balcony, because “it's impossible to go in, Vasya, well, how long will it last, motherfucker, eh?”�
    And if you think that they don't hang out, then why don't you somehow fit into the garage of a good old friend and make it a small tradition?

  4. Apparently, you just didn't come across such garages. And people hang out and still like that. Last month I put the car in the garage, so there are guys with hookah, beer, barbecue. Everything is as it should be.�

    I don't say anything about older men at all. Every fifth garage has a beer every day.

  5. I didn't really find the times when we hung out. I only heard about it and saw some fragments in TV series and shows as a child. But if you think about it now, it turns out that most partygoers don't even have garages like this. It is quite expensive to pay for a garage, when in fact the conditions can not be worse padika. For example, I have an elite house in the city,I was there once for a sort of registration. Like a friend let us in the entrance,and we went to the balcony and say that there was afigenno-not to say anything (balconies were on each floor, not the apartments) . Let's also say there are 3 garages near my house,they are the only ones in the entire yard and in general in the district. Who they belong to is not known (if you don't listen to the awesome media grannies who yell that they belong to some Nazis who died long ago) Well, in short, somehow if you think about it, then without options to hang out in the garage now=. And in large parking garages, you know, this is not the place where you can do anything at all.

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