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  1. The question implies that there is no other meaning than pleasure, including aesthetic pleasure. “And there is one.” Here's just one example. There is a reason for the abomination of the world and the fact that suffering is inevitable. This means that disgust and suffering can be overcome. The reason, according to this example, is an acute thirst for something pleasant, in a painful dependence on it. But if you overcome this addiction, get rid of it, it will immediately become easier. Again, this is just one example (it is called the Buddha's dharma). And there are still a lot of them.

  2. This is an internal conflict between two psychological approaches.

    It can be called the “bee and fly” conflict.

    this often happens when a family cultivating ” fly tactics “(like a fly flying into a room looking for spoiled products that have begun to decompose, collects them and carries them to their home) has an individual who likes the “bee” scenario better (“bees” flying into an unfamiliar room looking for sweets, jam, jam and do not pay attention to everything else).

    This is a conflict when all the habits from childhood are to look for and focus on the negative and get bored with the positive.

    And the soul wants something good.

    But all your entourage of very important people is set up for fly tactics, and only this is the Norm. And all those who are not like that are considered “strangers”.

    This fear of being “foreign”, the fear that your “friends” will reject you as a traitor, makes you suffer. And not that there is a lot of negativity around.

  3. The world is sick, as most people are sick. Our duty is to purify the world, people and ourselves from diseases, that is, from evil. This is what God gave us life for. Our life is evaluated by actions, by the experience of the soul. Suffering is part of life.

  4. Your question (which is more like a thesis) contains a logical fallacy known as”ground anticipation”. The premise that “the world is disgusting” is not obvious. Try to change your perspective and see the world differently. Is there a lot of evil in the world? Yes, it is true, but there is a lot of good in the world. Suffering? For example, a boxer preparing for a championship fight trains on the edge of strength, because he is suffering, but he knows why he is doing it. Try to see the world as a place where you can do good things, starting with the smallest details.

  5. Because in addition to suffering, there is pleasure in the world. Moreover, because man is so damned plastic, suffering can be learned to ignore. Monks of different schools of Buddhism usually come to this naturally through the doctrines of their teaching. Ordinary people can do it too.

    In addition, the “disgust” of being is a subjective characteristic. If you want to have a desire for life, give up this view. It's just a matter of will.

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