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  1. Suffering doesn't come out of nowhere. Your life is a series of decisions you make, and you make decisions based on your mental programs (beliefs), you reproduce certain patterns of behavior and it was they who led you to where you are currently suffering. Change yourself and change your life, but if you don't know how to do it, then that's another matter)

  2. Everything is a game.

    Everyone has their own strategy.

    Everyone has their own interest and benefits.

    Your game is great, just like any of you.

    Why then suffer, you may ask? And there is no suffering, only a game of suffering. If you play misery too hard, you grow into it. But you're always great at your game.

    Each player is at their own level, in their own place. When you don't remember the rules of the game, you come up with your own rules, and it's exciting and exciting every time. You can always come up with any rules for your game. Just don't forget that you're the one who chooses the rules, not anyone else. But even if you believe that your life is influenced by higher forces, other people or something else, these are also your rules of the game. Your own amazing game.

    So play any of your unique roles for an encore!

    Lelya Vesna

  3. Life is a school. Man learns and is prepared by God for eternity. Suffering is an integral part of the learning process. After all, learning is labor and often pain, mistakes and their correction. If you perceive suffering correctly, it will be much easier to bear it. The most important subject in this school is Love. You need to learn to love God and people, and indeed the whole world around you, regardless of the circumstances.

    A complete answer to this question can be given by the Bible, in one small article everything can not fit. The human being is far from self-sufficient, we should grow, develop, and improve, and we can't do without painful lessons, because we are very stubborn, proud, and generally corrupted by sin, so we don't want to learn from the Creator, we argue with Him and prefer to live as we please, and then we wonder – why so much suffering?

  4. I advise you to listen: why the Lord allows https://youtu.be/ctgM-1Lmp2U
    The answer of an Orthodox person.

    This raises the question: what causes suffering? Who is to blame for suffering? What is Evil and what is good? What is good and what is bad? What kind of suffering are we talking about? What is suffering? Is man free to choose good and evil?
    The word “suffering” has different meanings. There is suffering of the body, such as diseases and wounds; there is, on the other hand, suffering of the soul, such as lust and anger. Generally speaking, the suffering of a living entity is a state followed by pleasure and displeasure.
    The cause of suffering is our will, our freedom to choose good and evil. God created man to be free to choose good and evil, as we can see, even the Angels have freedom. God himself does not interfere with our freedom and does not and will not violate it.
    And we see this, for example, in the election of Donitsa (Satan), who went against God and wanted to be God. at your own discretion. Why? Because he wanted to exalt himself: “I will ascend to the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.” For what? — he knows it himself, just as Adam knew it when he wanted to 'become like God', just as every proud person knows it.
    Individual freedom implies that a rational being can perform an act of will based only on himself, without any EXTRAPERSONAL reasons, that is, when nothing in the world created by God forces him to do so. You can't put the question “Why?”to a free act. Because the ” why ” implies a reason external to the “I”. Dennitsa, on the other hand, committed an act of falling away from God, acting precisely from himself, from his “I”, and not for any extraneous reason. This is the whole point of his sin.
    For God is all-perfect and there is no evil in Him, and God is Love and there is no evil in him. And God made all things very Good. He created us with free will, because Good cannot be forced to be done, it is a spontaneous act. Then the cause of our suffering is ourselves and our neighbors who are our members and we are all 1 body and if 1 member suffers others suffer with it.
    Why do we suffer? Because we choose not good but evil? Because we do not know what is good and what is evil, because we love evil more than good, for example, because of circumstances that restrict our will, because we do not seek the truth. And the truth is that Christ is God and the world did not come from disorder but was created by God. That in addition to the physical world and its laws, there is also a spiritual world with its own laws.
    Man was created by God for happiness and bliss, but the will, the free will of the forefathers, removed man from Bliss to a deplorable vale. (read the Orthodox Bible and the Gospel there is the history of our humanity). After falling away, God as a healer gave the medicine to humanity to be happy again, but we are free to choose the Good for our soul or not to choose it. The human soul is essentially such that it cannot find complete satisfaction for itself anywhere but in its Creator, God (this is the spiritual truth). Truth 1 and this truth is God. There are many religions and only one Truth. Satan is fighting with God, and this fight is in our hearts.
    What is good and evil? What is sin? Sin in simple terms is everything that harms a person. Therefore evil is sin. Sin brings suffering to the soul and body. Sin is an injury, a disease: the remedy for sin is the commandments given by God Christ in Orthodoxy, the truth of the only Orthodox Church of which Christ is the head. Kotoraea conveys the experience of healing from sin and through the saints her own examples for us. Who have had an experience of communion with God and who give an example of their path to God.
    Look into yourself and see why you have sorrow and understand that your neighbor is your member and he is no different from you except for his free will. If one suffers, so will one's neighbor. Viewed from this angle, death is a good thing because sin has an end point in this world and beyond it the spiritual world. Here we are free and in this world sin reigns (exalted) but there is Hell and Heaven a place of bliss with the gods there beyond the grave. The firstfruits of the future are gathered and reaped here.
    Where we should be we choose for ourselves, as if we were good or evil. By the way, what kind of happiness I answered in my questions look. If you don't understand, please ask. I tried to answer you briefly.
    The cause of suffering is ourselves, our ignorance, laziness, and so on………

    Almost always, the cause of suffering can be found in sin, in violation of the law of life, the laws of nature. This violation separates man from God and the nature He has created. Suffering has a beneficial effect on a person, is a school, because it teaches the truth, confirming the existence of a moral law and the meaning of life. Almost all suffering teaches us not to do things to others that we don't want to do to ourselves. Suffering shows that there is no moral chaos at work in life, but an amazing harmonious order based on the truth, which sooner or later will manifest itself.

    Suffering is a source of great moral values and positive spiritual gains. It leads to faith, love, and spiritual strength. We live on earth to work on the beauty of our soul. Life is a huge workshop in which people's souls become cleaner and prepare for the transition to a different, better world.

    Suffering teaches you to be lenient with other people, to be sensitive to the grief of another person. Trials harden a person, develop will, endurance, perseverance and energy. It is more difficult for a person to bear his success, fame, wealth, external beauty, than failures, troubles. Success can spoil a person, make them proud, lazy, careless and inhumane, and therefore weak and insignificant. The sufferer is strengthened.

    There are people who understand what suffering is and see beauty in it, they penetrate the mystery of the words of the Apocalypse “whom I love, I punish”. That is, I point out, instruct, direct. There are people who give thanks for suffering and say, ” Thank You, God, for sending us more than just the sun's rays, otherwise we would become a desert. But you give rain so that we can bear fruit.”

    Better suffering than self-satisfied philistine carelessness. “I want to live so that I can think and suffer,” said Pushkin, with all his Hellenic love of life. Let this suffering wake us from the sleep of indifference, petrified insensibility. A life without suffering is dangerous, and a God who doesn't punish us is a God who doesn't take care of us.

    Some people find a rude and frivolous escape from suffering in the desire to get a momentary pleasure, to drown out the bitterness of life, to forget themselves in madness. And people who believe know that the harder the trials, the brighter the unexpected joy that does not come immediately. “The darker the night, the brighter the stars.”

    It is difficult for one person, but it is also difficult for another. We must respond to suffering with compassion. After all, the word happiness comes from the word participation, that is, everyone should participate in life with another person, sympathize with him, cooperate with him, participate. And in this to find happiness.

    People need not only an explanation of their suffering, but more in sympathy, in sympathy that can lift the exhausted and enliven his soul. A great deal is said about this in the works of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. In his novels, suffering is the main character. It is suffering accompanied by the good news of Christ. It leads a person to a new life. The tragedy narrated in “Demons”is illuminated in the finale by benevolent rays, the words of the New Testament, which are read to a Russian atheist by a bookseller.

    Our country, Russia, is going through a great school of suffering all the way through history. All of Russia is one suffering. The fate of the Russian people has not only a national, but also a global meaning. As a sample, indicator: we've experienced so much, and we won't be the last.

    Love introduces a person to a life that is full of meaning, in the light of which the meaning of suffering becomes clear. Tests are understood as a condition for moving forward, a feat. As an instrument of liberation from evil and sin, which constitute the misery of humanity. Why do we have a crisis? Because we don't love each other, we don't try to help each other, we don't participate. In sharing, in compassion, there is the only satisfactory way of looking at our lives. All other theories fail to explain suffering and make sense of it.

  5. This is a subjective assessment of what is happening.If there is suffering, then there is no inner peace and quiet, awareness and observation.The mind controls you, not the other way around.

  6. Because there is evil in the world and it is very strong. Because the forces of evil want from us either unquestioning submission, or destruction, death. And as long as we have the freedom to choose, as long as we choose evil, suffering is inevitable. But in the end, God will destroy all evil, there will be no suffering.

  7. In fact, no matter how hard the mind tries to explain the nature of human suffering, the cause of all suffering is our ignorance:
    We don't know what to do or what to choose.
    We do not represent either the result or the consequences of “our ” desires and our own activities.
    We want the best – it turns out, as always, and this is even in the best case. )
    And much more suffering is caused by ignorance, supported by our reinforced concrete confidence in our own rightness, mixed up in an unshakable desire to assert our “truth“ at any cost.
    And there are plenty of examples all around.
    One thing is good )
    no one wants to suffer of their own free will, which means that sooner or later a person will think about it and put an end to their own ignorance and, as a result, human suffering.

  8. Because life is life…
    But you just need to find something bright in life.. Love life..and she will love you in return..
    if life hates you, then it doesn't give a damn about you…remember this and get as much positive feedback as you can

  9. Corny without them would not be good.No one would know how cool it is to breathe freely if there were no runny nose (conditionally). But of course everything is relative

  10. Strange question. Suffering is not in the public domain, and if you experience difficulties in life that eventually flow into it, then the problem is either you or your environment.

    If you want to try to change something , change your field of activity and social circle. Is everything really bad? – radically change your life.

  11. Patience and pain are an integral part of a person's life, whose entire existence is associated with the transfer of difficulties, a state of dissatisfaction with himself and what surrounds him. All his life he is in two states-contentment or suffering.

    What is the meaning of suffering, why and for what purpose do they enter our lives? One of the causes of human suffering is deviation from the straight path that is preached in the heavenly Scriptures. In other words, when a person departs from the rational harmonious life set by the Creator, he causes harm to himself and suffers from the same thing.

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