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  1. The meaning of existence is happiness. Happiness is when there are no problems. There are no problems when expectations correspond to reality, when a person perceives the world as it is, without illusions.

  2. A human being has two forms of life: biological and conscious.

    The meaning of biological life is progeny, i.e. the rewriting of the genetic code and its immortality.

    (if you are reading this post, it means that your genetic code was inherited from the simplest of your ancestors and was never interrupted in the process of transmission from generation to generation for billions of years.)

    The conscious form of life is also seeking immortality, but it is still an incomplete form and it is in the process of seeking immortality, which we observe as a process of human development.

  3. Man is a necessary link in the universe, because it exists at the expense of the cycle of life and death. A person carries a Brain that generates the energy of life. Death is a rest for the Brain.

  4. they say that one of the main properties of the universe is its expansion. I don'T know if this is true or not, but I believe that something like this is the property and goal of humanity – meaning in revealing, expressing, multiplying both quantitatively and qualitatively through knowledge. We were born as the fruit of the knowledge of a man and a woman( our parents), we were born to know the world around us and, based on our knowledge, come to the definition of good and evil and choose one of the sides. This is kind of ideal.

    12 I, Ecclesiastes, was king over Israel in Jerusalem;
    13 And I gave my heart to search and try with wisdom all that is done under heaven: this is a hard task that God has given to the sons of men, that they may exercise themselves in it.
    (Eccl. 1: 12,13)

  5. They came to live. That's the point.

    You can invent a lot of auxiliary meanings and goals. But the main one, the central one, keeps life in itself. The meaning of life is in life – it is valuable in itself. Everything else is temporary.

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