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  1. I often ask myself this question…

    I would learn all the things that I don't know right now.

    I can pay attention, or rather read books, watch educational films, learn foreign languages, in a plural number, because I have a lot of time. But there are many DISADVANTAGES, such as lack of money, that is, you will still have to work at the desired or not desired job, because pleasure requires money, and if you think about it, money is the currency of the time that you spent(a) to receive this money; you need to decide in what age you “want” to get stuck, because you will have to live at this age for an indefinite amount of time and each period of life has its pros and cons; you will watch your relatives and friends grow old and die, but then you can already assume that they also have immortality, or the reason that you are still young and beautiful, and they fade with age…In general, you can come up with a lot of things, depending on what key you are considering

    But it would be wildly entertaining and interesting

  2. If I knew for sure that I was immortal, I would drink a lot and for a long time, because hell, why not, if you have an infinite amount of time and you know for sure that your body will recover. Next, I have to figure out how to live without thinking about money, most likely the answer to this question will be stupidly spend 30-40 years working in my specialty, I can put the amount accumulated during this time in the bank and live on interest, while if necessary, you can arrange a show using your ability, like they shoot me, drown me, cut me, etc. On this, it is also better to put money in the bank, but when most worldly issues are resolved, you can think about self-development in full, like get 10 higher educations in completely different fields, read a couple of thousand books and see all the pictures that are at least of some value. After that, learn a dozen of the most common languages to live in any country in the world and travel around the world in peace for the next 100-200 years. The next step will be to gain power, because it is unlikely that our planet will get better, and since only I will live forever, I don't really want to live in the garbage pit that our planet will become. Ideally, to solve this problem, you need to become the president of the entire planet, but since this is impossible, I will most likely agree to be the president of Russia if it still exists. And over the next 100 years to develop Russia and make it not a place where all the rich people of the world will later want to move, because this land will have the best ecology in the world.

    Then I'm too lazy to write, but you can say for sure that in 1000 years I will probably get tired of living, but before that, for my anniversary, I will write my biography in all languages with the title “thousand-year-old man”.

    I can only say for sure that you can not start a family or even any relationships at all, because losing people will be extremely painful, in this regard, immortality can become a real curse.

  3. I wish that I and all other people had a choice – to die or live on. “The possibility of being immortal while maintaining health and sanity seems very attractive, and I think few people will give it up if they have a choice. But who knows, maybe after a few thousand years of life from it unbearably tired)�

    It is almost impossible to say what your plans are in a situation where you are not limited by any time frame. I think in the beginning I would have been very active in learning – everything that I don't know now.

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