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  1. Infidelity is a question of the moral and moral qualities of the one who changes.

    If something is wrong with the relationship, then break it off and after the breakup, do whatever you want.

    Theoretically, a person might be happy to break off a relationship, but they can't, because they are being threatened, blackmailed, and afraid for themselves and their loved ones. But in the modern world, this is still usually an attempt to sit on two chairs.

  2. Let's start with the fact that cheating is always a CHOICE. Therefore, no matter what kind of relationship, a person always has the opportunity to either change, or directly say what they don't like (or leave altogether). And if he / she does decide to change – it's not because “the relationship is like this” or “life is like this”, but because he/she wanted to do so.

  3. I don't see anything particularly wrong with cheating. But only when the partner or decided to(a) break up or when the infidelity (s) is kept secret so as not to injure the partner.
    In principle, life is very multifaceted and some do not bother at all about this, guessing or knowing about the partner's infidelities
    Of course, without exception, everyone wants to be a complete exclusive for their wife (husband), but alas, this is quite rare. Very often, with age, interest in each other is lost, routine and boredom come. And the partners themselves no longer attach as much importance to sex as before, not to mention everyday life and problems. Therefore, there is a desire to confirm their relevance on the side. For some, this is limited to light flirting, some go further.
    I think that in any case, before judging a partner, you should honestly answer yourself how much you consider yourself sexually attractive to him.
    And of course, today many people do not commit infidelity, hanging out on porn sites is also an option.
    As for the question – it is impossible to raise a colleague. Even if a person does not physically change, he may well do it mentally, in fantasies, and returning to reality, lose respect for his partner, take out anger on him, and so on.
    I think it's a question of relationships, of interest in each other, of wanting each other no matter what.

  4. I believe that parenting is.In my upbringing,it was indirectly laid down that infidelity is bad,that it is a weak will and infidelity to myself, so far I look at the world in this regard through even if already cracked, but still “rose-colored glasses”, and I have not had a serious relationship for more than 1.5 years,and this,as I spied in some chronology of relationships,is still a” candy-bouquet ” period,so I

  5. I believe that even if all the bad aspects of infidelity are embedded in the upbringing, there are situations in which people feel “hostage”.
    It all depends on the relationship between two people – if they have an idyll, love, passion, trust, then why infidelity? Regardless of how a person is brought up, why should he look for someone on the side? And if someone stops loving you, it's better to break up without hurting the other person.
    If in a couple someone has “nedotrakh”, or it soars his brain, or he is always hanging out somewhere (and other situations like “something is wrong”), then there will be infidelities, regardless of upbringing. Most often, people instead of running away with a person, because of good housing conditions or maybe just comfortable (although how the hell is that???) they make a choice to have someone on the side.
    Cheating is a matter of “atmosphere in the house”

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