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  1. Maybe it's just your time? By “your”, I mean the time of your life. After all, no matter how we are told what happened before, it will still be dry, compared to your life, you feel to some extent everything on yourself, you observe it with your own eyes, history is happening in front of you. So it will be with every person who lives. I think during the October Revolution people asked the same question, during the Second World War too, during the collapse of the USSR in the same way, as well as during other equally significant historical events. I'm sure it's nice to know that the annexation of Crimea, the first black president, and the fighting in Syria will take place in schools, maybe only briefly, but they will, and you are a passive witness of these events. Flattering, to me.

  2. I don't know, I think so too, but I try not to think too much about this topic and not to spread my doubts. In my backward opinion, everything has somehow turned upside down, for example, what used to be considered a disadvantage that interferes with life, now for some reason it has become considered a manifestation of individuality, or some psychological disorders that were previously not even taken for a decent job, are now the absolute norm and generally pretty and mysterious… Interestingly, earlier, for example, people suffered greatly from an insufficient number of qualified psychotherapists and psychiatrists, and now there seems to be no shortage, but another problem is overdue – all these deviations are considered OK, and no one is in a hurry to be treated… Or, for example, money-they used to be afraid to borrow for all sorts of crap, they did it only in case of extreme vital necessity, and now so many people live on credit buying something that they simply cannot afford, and do not need, and they are not afraid for their future at all, also convincing others that it is very convenient. Although what is convenient here….�

    So socially, yes, I think it's all very strange…. and much more, but maybe I'm just missing something…

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