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  1. The highest stage of humanism and morality is to feel any other person's pain as your own…

    Unfortunately, this function interferes with effective social behavior in modern human society, so in psychotherapy it is not an indication, unlike religion…)

  2. Live by helping others. This is the very last stage of humanism. Although, to be honest, there would be fewer loud words, more cases.

    Simple things, unsophisticated.

    Do you live better than others? Help others not to die, but to live better. By what? Do your own thing. With your life. By your actions. This is morality.

    This is one point. Another point concerns what is said in Dostoevsky's “Legend of the Grand Inquisitor”. There, the Prince of Darkness, through the mouth of the Grand Inquisitor, tells Jesus that “bread and circuses” are enough for the people, that the people “do not need the truth.”.. And that Jesus will see for himself after the Prince of Darkness builds a ” social paradise on Earth.”

    In response, Jesus simply kissed him.

    Social paradise, yes, is needed. But the meaning of all our history and all our progress is still not in him. Therefore, the USSR exploded at one time (and not because the “economy went lame”). Therefore, the United States is now exploding with protests (and not at all because “now is the electoral period”).

    Ask what is the point then, what is the salvation of the planet? No, no, not in ecology. Just read Dostoevsky, his novels “The Idiot” and “Demons” carefully, without hurrying, with a beer, and pay attention to the phrases of minor characters.

  3. Rich people should not live because they are evil and interfere with others-white people should not live because they are evil and interfere with others-men should not live because they are evil and interfere with others, meat-eaters should not live because they are evil and interfere with others-people should not live because they only harm nature.

  4. It depends on which direction you are moving in your development. Humanism proclaims human life as the highest value.

    If yesterday society was built on the principle of “man to man friend, comrade and brother”, and today on the principle of “man to man was and will be only a wolf”, then the last stage of humanism will be neo-fascism, where the elite will be able to fully dispose of human lives for any of their pleasures.

    The paintings of religious artists of the Middle Ages and the dystopias written later are only a faded reflection of the real hell on Earth that will be completed when “natural” selection sufficiently fixes the wolf's grip in human genes and there will be no people left in the understanding that humanism put into them.

    After all, what is hell in essence? It is a place where souls must suffer for their sins and there is nothing to be done about it.

    And how can it be otherwise in a society where absolutely everyone at the level of instinct will be laid: “you can do bad things to others so that I feel good.”

  5. Humanism and morality do not and cannot have a final stage, because they are much wider , deeper and more infinite than any banks (and other constraints) that they sometimes try to drive them into… and a person who is a humanist in deeds, not in words, who loves life and is aware of his role on this planet, does not set himself a deadline for the end of his existence and does not adjust to this moment the explanation that is washed out of life for reasons of humanity and morality( what nonsense, really…) The latter is more typical of poseurs, weak, selfish, who do not fully understand how much grief they will bring to their loved ones by such an act… well, what kind of morality and humanity can we even talk about here?How HUMANE is it to cause heartache and grief to those who care about you?M-yes…So here's the beginning of the birth moral and humanistic bases of each one of us is clearly seen: the first is a children's book,where the” Bunny threw a housewife,the rain was rabbit…”.etc. and we learn to pity the weak and understand that you can't write without those who need it can find a way out of any situation that must be protected and those who you care ( etc,of other examples),and in adulthood – this is an awareness of the absolute value of human life, and EACH of them, and an understanding of their responsibility for the lives of their relatives and friends,as well as responsibility for their family…your home…your own business…your country…and our planet in general…the realization that YOUR LIFE CAN BRING MUCH GOOD TO HUMANITY…if you understand and realize that a lot depends on you.Out of this awareness grows concern for people,which takes many different forms,but always brings benefits .This is humanity and morality, when you live yourself, BRINGING BENEFITS, and giving others the opportunity to live.

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