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  1. The blacks were made so by the whites. If the black population of Africa migrated to the United States on an equal basis with European peoples, then their crime rate would not be lower or higher. But the progressive Europeans of the 19th century denied Africans citizenship, living standards, and opportunities, and made them slaves who were killed for doing bad work for their master. Of course, blacks were socialized in conditions where their lives were worthless, and therefore the lives and possessions of others were also worthless to them. There was no place to take a model of humanism and honor. In their midst, in such conditions, he could not be raised, and the humanism of whites concerned only the whites themselves, as well as their honor, which of course the slaves understood as unnecessary hypocrisy. And this way of life was passed down from generation to generation of blacks through the fault of whites. But this does not mean that they are more prone to crime genetically. There are virtually no blacks in Russia or Ukraine, but the rate of murder and rape is several times higher than in the United States.

  2. You gave yourself away as a racist with this question. Why are you so convinced that all black people are murderers and drug addicts? I assure you, there are no fewer white murderers and rapists.�

    Whether white or black, we are all human beings. We all have our own prejudices and biases, and it's not just about race.

    So now that the issue of race has been removed, we can talk about the psychological side of this issue. To do this, let me rephrase the question :” How much does society affect a person?”

    People strongly depend on the opinion of the group they are in. Even if it contradicts common sense or our beliefs, it does not mean that we will be able to resist it. We are products of our environment. Many experiments have been conducted to prove this. Examples include anything from Johnson's “Nature of Stuttering”, when psychological pressure on the test children actually caused them to stutter, or the “Be Like Everyone Else” experiment, when four people called the black pyramid white, and the fifth did not want to stand out, and answered the same way.

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