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  1. There are several theories of intelligence. It already depends on what exactly you understand by this word. Personally, the following position is close to me: the ability to think logically, intelligence itself is a genetically inherited unit. Knowledge is accumulated through the environment. You've probably met people who knew a lot and read a lot of things in their lives, but misinterpreted their knowledge or didn't know how to use it in practice.

    In psychogenetics classes, we were told that with the genes of smart parents, but under unfavorable environmental conditions (lack of proper upbringing, education, and many other circumstances), a child is unlikely to shine with intelligence. The same outcome, if the genes were not too lucky, but the environment seemed to be conducive to development. The ideal option is when both genes and the environment favor the development of a person's intellectual abilities.

    Contrary to popular belief, books don't make people smarter, they make them more educated. It's just that smart people usually have a need for” food ” for the brain – new knowledge.

    By the way, there are studies that show that intelligence is genetically transmitted through the maternal line. So, if you want your children to be smart – marry the appropriate women 😀

  2. They are born. You can only develop those abilities/qualities to which you are genetically predisposed. A fool, no matter how you train him, will remain a fool, unless it is less conspicuous.

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