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  1. Why is this happening:

    1.�They are aware of their mistakes, but they do not want to change anything in their lives. They are in the comfort zone. “Leave me alone!”

    1. They are NOT aware of them, or they are sure that they will get out of it/fix it/do everything right, and supposedly it is you who do not understand something, and not he, or underestimate his capabilities.�

    2. Something in between or combined with item 1 and item 2

    3. Your advice is really stupid.

  2. Why is this happening ? �Because. what a person. the person who is given advice, following it, actually agrees that he did something wrong up to this point or did not do what was necessary. And many people do not like to admit their “lag”. Therefore, despite the fact that they can and understand that the advice is valuable, they continue to do it in their own way.

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