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  1. Of course there are! For example, if you are interested in science, you will develop a psychic gift, with which you will feel 100% likely that others do not have psychic abilities. I have such a gift. And yes, you don't have psychic powers, I CAN FEEL it.

  2. The technique of developing the subconscious mind is
    daily training-meditation on a candle flame (hypnotic); the first result will appear in half a year-fragrance, vision with your eyes closed, etc. the main thing-no matter how stunned you are with the results-is not to stop daily training.

  3. They exist. Watch on my channel. Stopping the internal dialogue, seeing the aura, the etheric field, working with energy. Everything is in the public domain and completely free of charge. The main thing is to do it seriously.

  4. There are no such techniques. And, apparently, all of humanity has not developed psychic or other miraculous abilities at all. Because the James Randy Foundation will pay $ 1 million to demonstrate such abilities. All you need to do is demonstrate your skills in a controlled experiment. So far, no “mage” on earth has been able to pass this exam.

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