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  1. I advise you not to read it in books, but to train in practice. You can start with the Internet, then switch to real life.
    In my opinion, it will be more effective here to either consult a psychologist or sign up for a training session. Good luck to you!

  2. Be cruel.” There's a lot of nonsense in the book, but there's also plenty of good notes. It depends on your ability to think critically. Personally, I read it twice, and twice I stopped in the middle, where the fierce trash began. But the first part is good.
    I don't recommend it to beginners.

  3. In my experience, books do not play a big role in communicating with a girl, the main thing is experience
    You can try to communicate with her as a friend or buddy, showing that you “trust her”. With respect, but don't go too far in communication. Don't overplay it. Communicate as you would like to be communicated to.
    And specifically based on books, that is, “The Heartbreaker” by Mikhail Weller.

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