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  1. In principle, it can. It's just one thing if you find yourself depressed, have a couple of symptoms, call it a disorder – and this, strictly speaking, is not it. Maybe a depressive episode, at most. They happen to many people and many pass without additional effort, like the same cold. Not always, but it happens often.

    A serious diagnosis, clinical depression,or recurrent depressive disorder-of course, does not disappear by itself. One of the criteria is that the mood disorder continues for a long time, several months.

  2. Yes, it can. Not necessarily, of course. It may get worse. What is the reason for this? With what surrounds you. Well, not only with this of course. Most of these disorders are now caused by one. The impossibility of becoming rich. Try changing the vector.

  3. At first sobs usually in the morning almost every day for several years I do not want anything and nothing pleases Then there is an emotional burnout Sobs end suddenly and everything breaks down a Zombie person Almost without feelings and emotions lived a day and okay That's how I exist ……

  4. I had 2 episodes that lasted 8 months, followed by long-term remission. But 7 years of treatment ended with resistance to antidepressants.Now relapse after cancellation.

  5. No, it can't if it's a real depressive disorder. It can only get worse, turn into severe depression, etc.
    Treatment should be started as early as possible, the course of taking an antidepressant, and you are back to normal.
    And do not be afraid of antidepressants and psychiatrists, they are quite literate specialists in the field of depression.

  6. it is possible only if you change something in your life..and so that the changes are positive…and so the disorder will sooner or later go into a chronic stage ..and there the most deplorable results are possible…do not pull go to the doctors if you feel that you have become a zombie

  7. Yes, it can pass, but only if you are either a very positive person, or a very cheerful person, or if you have all these things together.Let's divide depression into levels 1)light,medium,severe,and super-severe.

    Light,medium, and heavy can be dealt with by having strong feelings of positivity and cheerfulness in your allies.

    An ordinary person cannot cope with a super-complex situation,even drugs may not help, positive emotions and cheerfulness are strong allies, but they are not enough because negative feelings are unrealistically strong and very persistent.

    But even here there is a way to win if a person is spiritually very strong, really understood what is written in the Bible and strives to apply these principles in life, then he can easily destroy super-strong depression.Another thing is that I have never met such people.It is necessary to abandon the template and people cannot do this, and therefore they will not become spiritually very strong.

    If we are talking about the average person, then mild and moderate depression is quite surmountable by people, but above average they cannot win.Already the average depression confuses people so that there is nothing to talk about difficult it will just be a nightmare for them.

  8. Theoretically, yes. And sometimes it happens.
    But in the vast majority of cases, the disease only worsens. But a person may consider that there has been an improvement. Although in reality, he was just getting used to his depressed state.
    So don't play with fate – go to the doctor.

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