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  1. I doubt that listening to complex music will affect your intelligence. Perhaps it will only develop an auditory attention to detail. But if you start playing music from notes on any instrument, it will undoubtedly develop your brain very much. Especially if you play complex music. Playing notes is like reading a foreign book, where there is not a single word repeated. And at the same time correctly put notes and chords with both hands. This, of course, will have a very positive effect on intellectual abilities.

    And besides, it's a useful skill.

  2. It seems to me that aesthetic qualities and intellectual development are quite closely related. But everything depends on the listener, as was noticed by the previous author, because you can endlessly listen to music “in half an ear”, or you can analyze each passage from the work in detail for a long time, and each time you find something new in it. From personal experience, I will say that my development was influenced by)

  3. In fact, everything is purely individual. Many factors influence the effect of music on the human psyche, whether it is musical taste, mood, environment, etc. But in General, summing up, we can recommend You this article�lpgenerator.ru�. Everything is clearly and interestingly described in it, there are pictures:)

  4. It's like asking, ” Would you be smart if you put on glasses?” Of course not. You need at least a subtle perception in order to see, analyze and explain both the whole picture as a whole and each individual section. And most people will not want to dig “in all sorts of points and sticks”. And in general, musical preferences are a consequence, but not a cause. People choose what they want to listen to. More precisely, not quite themselves and not quite choose, in general, my best idea was successful here.

    However, if a person already has a very good tendency to develop, then such music can help a little to develop the subtlety of perception. However, to do this, you need to know a lot of terminology. But if a person is already a complete tree, then this does not help at all: maybe for a couple of seconds he will pretend to be something, but in reality he will not take anything for himself. As the saying goes, a person born to crawl cannot fly.

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