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  1. Take some classic psychological tests. I especially recommend the Keirsi test, which answers the question “who am I” directly and in a very detailed way, and even tells you what historical figures you look like and what you can expect from your life. There are only 70 questions.

  2. In general, these are only movie characters with a pronounced character, role, and all sorts of chips. The real person is much deeper and more versatile. In life, trying to find your role or identify with something is like changing a 3d aimax movie theater to black-and-white film, even without sound.

    But what can I say:

    You are already you, with all your glitches and unresolved problems, and this is how valuable you are, and not a 2d dummy mask that you want to squeeze yourself into.

  3. Try to answer the questions:

    • What can I do? What is easy/difficult for me?
    • What do I know/don't know?
    • What I'm happy about/upset?
    • What is convenient/inconvenient for me?
    • What is pleasant/disgusting for me?
    • What is interesting or boring for me?
    • What makes me energized/tired?
    • What do I want to accept/reject, purchase/dispose of?
    • How do I want to change/stay the same?
    • Who would I or wouldn't want to communicate with?
    • Where would I like/not want to be?
    • How do I differ/resemble others?
    • What is happiness / grief for me?
      So you will show some basis of your consciousness, with which you can work, try to develop in the right direction. Consciousness is constantly changing, and the answers to these questions are constantly changing. Therefore, it is useful to ask yourself these questions regularly all your life.
  4. In other words, you are trying to find the answer to the question – Who am I? This question reveals your identity quite well. You are in a state of internal struggle with yourself, trying to determine who you really are. And the bigger and deeper your struggle, the more fragile and lonely you feel in this world. The answer to another question can save you-what would you like to experience in life? As soon as you answer it, it will immediately become clear to you who you are, why you are, why you are, what to do and where to go.�

    Life is a risk. Only when we get into risky situations do we continue to live. And one of the most risky situations that we can risk is the risk of falling in love, the risk of being vulnerable, the risk of allowing ourselves to open up to another person without fear of pain or resentment. Arianna Huffington

    Which is more precious — a glorious name or a life? Which is smarter-life or wealth? What is more painful — to achieve or lose? This is why great addictions inevitably lead to great losses. And the irrepressible accumulation turns into a huge loss. Know the measure – and you will not have to feel shame. Be able to stop-and you will not face any dangers and will be able to live for a long time. Lao Tzu

  5. if you are so vague and unclassifiable, then maybe you are something like a platypus that never ceases to amaze-this funny creature seems to be made up of three different representatives of the fauna-a bird, a reptile and a mammal. Zoologists at one time had to pretty much break their heads to understand what kind of miracle-yudo is in front of them. The trial lasted almost a century. But even today, the platypus continues to bring surprises.

    But seriously , I'll answer you, but I suspect you won't like my answer. In order to evaluate your appearance, a person needs a mirror – it is the mirror that reflects the person as he really is. In order to see yourself internally, to look at yourself and evaluate yourself, you need to look in a Spiritual Mirror, which in my opinion is the Holy Scripture, the Bible:

    22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
    23 For whoever listens to the word and does not do it is like a man looking at his natural features in a mirror:
    24 He looked at himself, and went away, and immediately forgot what he was like.
    25 But whosoever hears the perfect law of liberty, and abides in it, he is not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, and will be blessed in what he does.
    (James 1: 22-25)

    16 Take heed to yourself and to the teaching, and do this constantly; for if you do this, you will save yourself and those who listen to you.
    (1 Timothy 4: 16)

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